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Robotech Remastered: Extended Edition DVD Macross Set 1 (English/Spanish)

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Reviews of this title:

Steve L. Marshall - Jan 10 2004
Rating: This sucked!
I bought this worthless product thinking it contained the REAL Macross story from Japan... but instead... I was shocked to find out it was only RObotech... no Japanese version at all... just this horribly slashed and edited version of my favorite Anime... what the hell are these guys doing??

When will they release the true Macross Saga?? They still haven't even released Macross DYRL... christ!

George A. Cepeda - Feb 7 2004
Rating: "Okay."
Shoulda waited until HD-DVD to do this...!
To the previous reviewer:

Steve, the uncut SDF Macross has ALREADY been released on DVD by ANIMEIGO. ANIMEIGO, NOT ADV Films, purchased the rights to release a SUBTITLED version of Macross ages ago!

Actually, AnimEigo announced they got the show around 5-6 years ago... It was in production for close to two years because of the sad shape of the original Japanese masters. AnimEigo basically had to master their version of Macross from the 16mm film prints Harmony Gold had in its vaults. The US DVD version of Macross is far superior to the Japanese and HK editions because of the fact that AnimEigo bothered to digitally restore the footage.

I don't know where you've been lurking, but this has been news for years! Macross has been out on DVD in the US since December 2001 (for the preorder guys). You can get the original SDF Macross boxsets online practically ANYWHERE including ANIMEIGO or TRSI.

As to the Robotech: Remastered release.

The video quality is great, BUT I hate the new 5.1-channel sound mix. The newly added sound effects drown out the original soundtrack and it just sounds tinny overall -- kinda like those awful Cartoon Crazys DVD collections a few years back. People strictly stuck in the stereo world (no 5.1 receiver/output, no 5-speaker set-up) will NOT like the remixed track. I've heard some people with 5.1 receivers have said the mix is OK, but most people buying the show probably DON'T have 5.1 equipment and will hate the new soundtrack.

As for the "new" opening animation: it's just the original SDF Macross opening footage with the rolling partially ruined film clip from SD Cavalry Southern Cross. You're initially fooled by the film clip into believing it's just a retread of the original Robotech intro, but it's really 99% SDF Macross. Thankfully, the Robotech main theme WAS kept and it actually fits the SDF Macross intro animation pretty well.

I predict this remastered series will NOT sell that well for ADV Films since most Robo-heads ALREADY have the broadcast version of Robotech that was released nearly a year-and-a-half ago!

Really, it's far too soon to do yet ANOTHER edition of Robotech and soak fans for what it's worth. If ADV Films had been smart, they would have waited a few years until HD-DVD settled in and THEN do this release.

As things stand now, it's far too soon, too much to ask of fans, and I really didn't think the new soundtrack was all that special. As for the restored footage, I've seen Macross and Robotech both at least 2 times through now and I really don't think the restored footage is that big a deal...

Robert Falconer - Sep 13 2004
Rating: This sucked!
ADV's misleading you again! It's poor and not really extended at all!
Contrary to what George, the previous poster, says. The US version of Macross isn't superior at fact the Japanese version is far and away better.

This version is better than the first version that ADV released for Robotech on DVD. But, it's not the complete uncut and unaltered version of Macross. Don't let the title mislead you it's a specialty of ADV to do that to the Macross's their specialty to tease those fans and ultimately disappoint them. Like I was and the first poster was. Anyways, it's hardly "extended" at all.

So, if you already have the complete ADV first edition DVD set for Robotech. It's really NOT worth getting despite improved visual and debatably improved or not audio.

If you want the real Macross saga with no cuts and no nasty changes in plot then go for Animeigo's Macross saga, which is the real series as it is meant to watch and has the Japanese audio that this inferior version lacks.

W. Kenner - Sep 22 2004
Rating: This sucked!
Remastering should mean restoration not more alterations...
I'm very disappointed by this so-called remastering. Instead of doing a great restoration and improving...they decided to change sounds and is very irritating...I like to see a well defined Robotech in terms of the picture quality and the color quality. But, I want it to look as pristine as it first came terms of having it in top shape but authentic. Not with ADV's choices and decisions that feel like "let's change this part and this part."

If you are looking for a ultra high quality treatment of the Robotech the other reviewers I agree you will be GREATLY disappointed.