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Sukisho DVD 1 (S): Can't Stop Loving You

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Reviews of this title:

Shuichi Garza - Oct 27 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
I have already seen Sukisyo, and think it is one of the greates yaoi anime I've gotten to see. I am now very happy to hear that it's licensed and going to be on sale soon, and I guarantee I'll buy it. I recommend it to those yaoi fans, it's cute and funny.

Hmmm...I hope now that Sukisho's being licenesed and all, the games'll get a chance to come out in english subs too...Really hope so at the least.

Susan Rivera - Nov 16 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
Sukisho Is So Cute, Funny, Romantic & Mysterious All In One =^.^=
Sukisho Is Really Good. It Can Really Get Into You. For One Thing, It Had Me Laughing & At The Same Time My Heart Went Out To Them.

They Were So Cute! Mystery After Mystery, Romance After Romance! It Really Had Me On My Toes, Smiling & Laughing At The Same Time!

The Artwork Was So Cute, The Story Lines Were Excellent! Sukisho Is 100% Wonderful In All! =^.^=

Dio Edwards - Jan 18 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Exceptionally wonderful and breathtaking! Awsome!
As a die-hard, hardcore shounen-ai/yaoi fan I happened to come across this particualr title, and I admit, I was a little more than curious to see how it was to turn out. And now? I have yet to come across an anime that is more touching, funny, and deeply character-oriented than this! No doubt that any fan of romance titles will fall head-over-heals for Sukisho! Why? Because I like what I like, it can't be helped!! -_^

Tiffany M. Wilson - Mar 5 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Radical! 20 On The Richter Scale!
Sukisho! One of my many favorite Shounen-Ai Animes! It's such a lovable anime, and you can't help getting hooked off the first episode. So many questions left un-answered just makes you want more, and more. ^-^ So, purchase it! It's worth every penny!