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Gunsmith Cats Graphic Novel 8: Mister V

The word's on the street that a new crime syndicate is moving into Chicago in full force, pushing a new drug called Powerball, a.k.a. Kerasine 2. These new thugs are tearing through the cops and the competition like they were made of wet paper.

But the beautiful bounty hunter Rally Vincent knows who's behind it all: her arch-enemy, the ultra-hitwoman Goldie, back to make good on her promise to make Rally her personal slave - or a stiff in the morgue!

Rally's taking no chances and plans to take the fight to Goldie, but the Amazonian crime boss has new muscle, the mysterious master marksman Mister V! And if Mister V's bullets don't do Rally in, his true identity may give her a heart attack!

Story and art by Kenichi Sonoda.


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