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Another DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - May 23 2013
Rating: Pretty good!
A very good mystery with some terrifying twists
This is one of those Japanese High Schools with a curse on a certain class (OK, I know what you're saying "Yeah just what High School Class in Japan isn't cursed?" - hehehe! - not totally original but it is a very good mystery with some terrifying twists for the students of this class as they try to figure a way to get out from under the Curse that has effected this class for over 20 years. Worth seeing! But you might not want to watch this alone!

Luke D. D'Isernia - Jul 13 2013
Rating: Not all that good.
Don't waste your money
Pros: The animation was pretty good. The voice acting was good. Cons: Everything else!!!!!

I preordered this series during the recent 40% off sentai film works sale at Looking back at the item description I must have been one of the first people to preorder it as I definitely received my copy early. I wish now that I had not wasted my money purchasing this series.

Another is a unbelievably cheesy, poorly written mystery-horror series.I watched the entire series hoping that the writing would get better but it did not. The plot is not original, reminds me alot of final destination, only really poorly written. Oh, have I mentioned that this series was poorly written. As far as being a mystery,the only mystery is how the school had remained open for 20+ years, with the body count that it had. As far as being a horror series its a B-grade horror series at its best. The deaths of the characters where getting too ridiculous.

If you have to watch this series wait to rent it instead.