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Kingdom Hearts

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Kingdom Hearts Graphic Novel 1

Sora is a young energetic boy looking forward to exploring the world with his friends Riku and Kairi. One day a mysterious force causes Sora to gain a special weapon known as the Keyblade. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy leave their castle to search for the king and the chosen one who holds the "key" to saving the world.

Kingdom Hearts II Graphic Novel Omnibus 1

A young boy named Roxas whiles away the last days of his summer vacationin his quiet little home of Twilight Town. But strange things keep happening around Roxas, which always seem to involve mysterious creatures... and he is plagued by dreams of a boy named Sora, whom he has never met. Bewildered, Roxas searches for answers... Will they lead him to Sora, Donald, and Goofy?

Kingdom Hearts II Graphic Novel Omnibus 2

Stunned by the cryptic words spoken by Namine, Roxas desperately tries to uncover the true connection to his dream-self, Sora. For her part, Namine wants to help Roxas in his quest, but she'll have to act quickly before DiZ succeeds in his plan to "dispose" of her. And then there is the question of Axel, and just whose side he is really on!

Kingdom Hearts II Graphic Novel Omnibus 3

The Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee has discovered something that could help everyone in their quest to save the worlds: Ansem's computer. Sora and company join them at Hollow Bastion to see what they can find out, but they're in for a surprise when the computer pulls them inside of it!

Kingdom Hearts Novel


On the Destiny Islands, three children - Sora, Riku, and Kairi - are living out their peaceful, carefree lives while yearning for whatever lies beyond the great ocean. But one night, an unexpected disaster takes place, and the three are torn from each other and their island home. Meanwhile, at Disney Castle, Donald Duck and the other castle residents are in an uproar upon discovering King Mickey has suddenly gone missing. When fate brings them together, Sora, Donald, and Goofy set out on a grand Disney adventure to find their friends!

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Graphic Novel 1

Nobodies: empty shells created when a person's heart is lost to darkness. The Nobody Roxas, created when Sora released his heart to free Kairi's and who knows nothing of his past, joins the mysterious Organization XIII soon after his birth. With the help of Axel, another member of the organization, and the mysterious Number XIV, who is also missing her memories, Roxas slowly begins to learn what it takes to be a part of Organization XIII... and what it means to have a heart.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Graphic Novel 2

When Xion loses her Keyblade, it's Roxas's job to make sure no one finds out. As long as the two can go on missions together, no one will know that it's Roxas collecting all the hearts. But will Demyx blow their little secret? And when the Organization issues an order to Xion to capture an outsider masquerading as one of its members, who will come out on top in the ensuing battle?!

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Graphic Novel 3

Xion, having failed her last mission, is left unconscious and out of commission. Unfortunately, Roxas doesn't have time to worry about his friend because he's been ordered to go to Wonderland with Organization XIII's No. 10 - the Gambler of Fate, Luxord. Can Roxas keep up with the old man's games? Meanwhile, a confrontation with Saix motivates Axel to find out who Xion really is...

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Graphic Novel 4

Left alone to ponder the purpose of her existence and desperate for answers, Xion journeys alone to find out who - or what - she really is. But little do she, Roxas, and Axel know that her quest will lead to the close of one tale and the continuation of another...

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Graphic Novel 5


With Xion back in the Organization, she and Roxas can finally work together again. But strangely, Roxas is getting weaker and weaker, while Xion is getting inexplicably stronger. Meanwhile, the leaders of Organization XIII decide that they only need one Keyblade bearer. What fate is in store for Roxas, Xion, and Axel in the conclusion to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?!

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Graphic Novel Complete Omnibus

"Ahead lies what you seek... but to claim it you must lose something dear." When a mysterious hooded stranger confronts Sora, Donald, and Goofy with these words, leading them to an ominous castle, the trio is sure they've stumbled onto an important clue about rescuing Riku and King Mickey after they were trapped in the darkness. But what looms ahead is Castle Oblivion, and to walk through its doors is to pay a heavy price. What are Sora, Donald, and Goofy willing to give up to be reunited with their friends?

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Graphic Novel 1

Sora, a young boy who lives a peaceful life on his tropical island home, is set adrift when a horrible storm wrecks the world he loves and separates him from his friends. In another world, the Disney castle is in chaos when King Mickey goes missing. When both Sora and the King's allies happen upon each other and learn that this is the doing of dark beings known as the Heartless, they take up arms together in an epic quest to travel to unknown worlds, set those worlds right, and find their friends!

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