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Street Fighter Animated Comic DVD 1: Round One: Fight! (D)

In the universe of Street Fighter, fighters of every size, shape and color collide in a global battle for supremacy. From every corner of the world, martial artists, boxers, wrestlers and fighters of every conceivable sort perform superhuman acts in their willing (or unwilling) participation in the Street Fighter Tournament - the contest being hosted by M. Bison, the sadistic dictator and leader of the underground Shadaloo criminal organization. Contestants fight for reasons as diverse as their nationalities. Some fight for money, answers, or vengeance, while others fight for reasons completely shrouded in mystery.

Ryu and Ken find themselves setting out to investigate the murder of their martial arts master. Their search for answers takes them to Japan where M. Bison and his assorted minions, including Cammy, Vega, and Sagat, keep a close eye on Ryu for reasons unknown. This draws the attention of up and coming Hong Kong Interpol agent Chun-Li and Special Ops officer Guile, who each bear their own personal grudge against the evil Shadaloo syndicate.

Animated comics blend animation, character voice-over, music, and special effects to bring to you a whole new visual adventure experience that plays similar to a full anime/animation feature film. Includes a text word balloon version that makes for a great read along tool for younger viewers.

Spoken Languages: English.

Windows Media Clip Available


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