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Bakemonogatari Blu-ray Complete Set (S) Limited Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Kory E. Davis - Sep 11 2012
Rating: "Okay."
Alright I really love this series and it's close to my favorite anime, but $150 for 15 episodes, and its not even dubbed. Are they serious? I think it's very sad that Aniplex got their hands on this masterpiece because we might never see it dubbed and if we do its going to be marketed for the same outrageous price they've got Madoka Magica going for. This is still a great anime never the less, and if you can muster up the money and are ok with it not being dubbed then go for it because it's a really good show.

Kirill Klishin - Sep 14 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Awesome anime!
It's good to see that of my favorite series in english. Box set is a bit pricey but it's worth it. And I think it's fine that there's no dub - show is very dialog-centered and there's nothing better than original seiyuu's voice-acting. In this case dub is just an option and there is nothing wrong if publishers decided to made a sub-only release. But the one big downfall is that this release could be only delivered in USA and Canada. I, myself, from Kazakhstan and used to purchase NA anime releases but I can't get some releases through the original retailers because of such restrictions.

Richard Kurgas - Sep 19 2012
Rating: This sucked!
Way overpriced!
$150 for 15 episodes and an art book? You have got to be kidding! The series wasn't that good to begin with, and Aniplex is only offering subtitles, no North American dubs. This isn't even worth considering for a purchase. Drop the price by 2/3, and I'll consider it. Otherwise, you can keep the stupid thing, and watch your investment go up in smoke, when almost nobody buys this incredibly bad offer.

Doug J. Rogers - Sep 20 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Wonderful Series
Now before we start, I will agree with others in that $150 is on the expensive side, but to complain about being sub only is just ridiculous. Anyone who's actually watched the show would know you simply CAN'T dub this into English. All the wordplay humor and in fact even many important plot elements all rely on Japanese Culutre and Languege and simply does not translate into English, replacing it with English humor completely defeats the purpose of the scene, and makes it loose all context. Though I suppose expecting common sense from anyone on the internet is something of a lost cause.

Now onto the review of the product. This set contains episodes 1-15 of Bakemonogatari, which composes the entire first season (A second season titled "Nisemonogatari" aired earlier this year). Each set of episodes is devided into one story arc, and each arc with it's own opening and sung by the Voice Actress of that arcs Heroine. 1-2 is "Hitagi Crab" 3-5 is "Mayoi Snail" 6-8 is "Sururuga Monkey" 9-10 is "Nadeko Snake" 11-15 is "Tsubasa Cat"

Each arc focuses on a Heroine and the Supernatural Problem inflicting them. The music and visuals (ESPECIALLY the Visuals) are absolutely astounding and really show what the strength of Blu-Ray can do for a show. Is it expensive? perhaps, but don't listen to those other reviewrers, the show is absolutely worth every penny and is a wonderful addition to any collection

Guy D. Buxton - Dec 3 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
150 dollars I gladly spent
Glad they didn't waste money getting it dubbed. I don't mind dubs and even prefer dubs on a few shows, but this show wouldn't work dubbed. This is one of my favorite shows of all time. I hope that we eventually get the other seasons.

Hero Alexander - Jan 7 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
one of best anime!
the animation quality, story, voice acting, and direction is superb. I cant find any flaw with the price range for this Blu-Ray set.(but cheaper would be nice.)

the argument I see others online make are: 1) where is my English dub? 2) $150 for 15 episodes?

I'd say you should begin to learn Japanese or simply accept the sub... price IMO is right for the quality. I was not happy with price of Madoka LE set, but i gladly paid it.

If im allowed to complain about one thing, at this price, i wanted the soundtrack to be included.

Conclusion: I hope Aniplex keeps distributing their animation in seasons

Christopher Urlaub - Jan 12 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Surprisingly satisfied.
i was a bit weary to buy this one, as the price tag is considerably steep at 150 dollars, and i don't blame anyone for thinking paying that much for the show is unreasonable. Bakemonogatari is one of my all time favorite animes, though, and found myself purchasing this and thought i'd share my thoughts of the set itself.

overall, i'm satisfied. it is a pretty simple set; from what i've seen the individual bluray discs are based on the japanese release and i noticed the menu screen from disc one only translates the menu's and not the title of the show itself, nor the name of the arc. the show itself really benefits in its bluray release and looks absolutely fantastic compared to the broadcast. the artbook itself is about what you'd expect, containing concept art and arc synopsis's. the extras on each disc contain creditless OPs and EDs, the original television next-episode preview skits and a commentary track. the commentary track i was utterly amused by, as the whole series can be watched with different seiyuu's commentating over the show, playing as their characters. i got plenty of good laughs while watching the first disc's commentary with Tsubasa and Hitagi cracking jokes and breaking the 4th wall, and i'm itching to watch the rest of the series in this fashion.

overall, it's hard to justify the asking price; i also bought NISA's release of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day in my same order which comes in a beautiful large box with a much nicer book, for 1/3 the price. however, i really think fans of the series will be happy with this set if they're willing to spend the money on it; the extras are great (namely the commentaries) and in general its a very good quality release.

Brandon R. Barker - Apr 30 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Fantastic series
Bakemonogatari is an awesome series, and this is a pretty cool release. The multiple bluray cases lets you see more art and help it feel nicer, although they probably could have fit the series on less disks. The booklet is also pretty nice, although I wish some of the art would have gotten printed on full pages instead of sharing one, and it would have been nice if they could splurge for a hardcover. The box could also be a bit higher quality; it isn't bad, but the Funimation LE sets ones are glossier and seem better made despite this release being double the price. This is a pricy release and more extras could have been included, but it is a fantastic series and is well worth the cost. And people really do not understand the series if they are complaining that it needs a dub; it has many many many japanese puns and wordplay that simply don't translate to English. The most that can be done about that is to translate it literally and provide a TL note. Also the series itself is one that if having to listen to the Japanese language is what is standing between you and watching it, then the series is not for you... Also anime as a whole probably isn't for you if you can't stand to listen to Japanese, now that I think about it.

Really though, should you buy this? Well, the release is definitely nicer than your average anime set, but I have seen nicer (I do wish they would include more extras for the price point). There is certainly a "how much do you like Bakemonogatari" tax in there that raises the price, but it is artistic, simultaneously laid back and sophisticated, and is an overall magnificent series.

Handel Williams - Sep 6 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
An instant classic!
I suspect that even if I could read Japanese that I would be doing double, triple and even quintuple takes in watching this show (Hey! you skipped quadruple!). That is what Hanekawa would say anyway. It feels weird, having watched so much anime in my life and having complained about the incessant talking in Dragon Ball Z, to be so captivated by a show that is basically conversation. There is action in this show and it is pretty fantastic, but what gets you is the talking....every time. The talking and the imagery and the cards in between conversation that you have to pause and rewind and use slo-mo just to catch sometimes. Also, there is a ton of fan service, which never sells me on an anime but I am not complaining either. Araragi is a complete idiot and I don't mean that he is unintelligent, but he just keeps going forward the way he chooses to no matter what. That is his charm. He, it got him a beautiful girlfriend, so leave the kid be and check this series! The only down side is the price, which I find to be insane. I could almost say it is worth it, but I have purchased other blu-ray box sets that are much longer and paid less than a third of this price. It is especially troubling considering theat there are two complete seasons and a four episode special along with a new season that is currently airing in Japan. The whole series is going to cost what some people pay in bills for a month!

J Green - Oct 4 2013
Rating: Pretty good!
Good Series-But The Price?????
As much as I think this is a very good series-but not $150 worth of good. What I did was was get the uk MVM release on bluray for about $40, granted it doesn't have an artbook or a fancy chipboard case and it is a region B bluray but since I already have an A B C capable bluray player it was a no brainer for me.

Luis C. Rodriguez - Jul 16 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
For the most part, worth the price.
I know that Aniplex's prices are sometimes pretty difficult to deal with. Me being a big fan of the series myself was kind of disheartened at the fact that Aniplex had picked up. Regardless, I am content with the chipboard case and booklet although for $149.99 I expected a little more than that, admittedly. The inclusion of the character commentaries and the obvious touching up of the visuals was handled perfectly. Overall, in terms of visuals, Blu-ray's are the way to go if you are willing to deal with the price tag. To any fan of the show, this is a definite must-buy. And knowing Aniplex and considering it is a limited edition, I would hurry before being forced to pay even more for these absolutely stunning Blu-rays.