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Texhnolyze DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - Anime Classics

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Lars M - Dec 1 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Griity, dark, & beautiful
Focusing on the art alone, this anime is beautifully designed and elegantly presented throughout its 22 episodes. It is quite dark though, in both its subject matter and its muted color palette. At times I actually felt slightly claustrophobic watching it , which only goes to show how well this series can draw you into its almost sunless world. The story is deep and cerebral, but also very dark and even oppressive at times. To me, it demands multiple viewings... though I would recommend spacing them out with lighter fare in between, otherwise it could get depressing! It is not a kids anime and I wouldn't recommend it for anybody under 16 or 18, depending on maturity level. There is no fan service whatsoever but there is quite a bit of th' old ultra-violence, not gratuitous but rather necessary for tuning your state of mind to the brutal reality the characters live, kill, and die in. Music is minimal, but the Juno Reactor opener is excellent. Madhouse provided the animation to Yoshitoshi ABe's desiged characters in this 2003 production. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!