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Alice 19th Graphic Novel 2: Inner Heart

Lotis Master Frei explains the power of the Lotis words to Alice. That's fine, she thinks - but when he decides he wants to marry her, much to her chagrin, he tries to seal the deal with a kiss, and Alice is ready to fight.

Retail Price: $9.95
Your Price: $6.00
And Yet The Town Moves DVD Complete Collection (S)

Hotori Arashiyama loves mysteries, but there's one she just can't solve: why does the solution to one problem inevitably seem to lead to another? Like how when Hotori has to start working at the Seaside Maid Cafe after school to pay off a debt and her friend Toshiko fortunately knows exactly how a Maid Cafe should be run. Which is fortunate since Hotori has no clue. Except that, unfortunately, Toshiko has no interest in working at the cafe - until she discovers that Hotori's childhood friend Hiroyuki is a regular. Which SEEMS fortunate. Except...

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $29.98
Day Which I Became A Butterfly Graphic Novel

There is a rumor going around school that Mikami can "hear" when one's death is near. Uka has just turned fifteen, but doesn't know how much longer he'll live... Will the budding love between Mikami and Uka have a happy ending?

Retail Price: $12.95
Your Price: $8.01
Japanese T-Shirt - Illegal Immigrant - Black - M

Retail Price: $15.99
Your Price: $11.54
Kite Remastered DVD (Hyb)

After her parents' brutal murder, young Sawa is orphaned. Now under the control of her detective guardians, Sawa becomes an assassin whose targets range from alleged rapists to corporate fat cats. Sawa eventually meets another assassin, a boy named Oburi, and they quickly become friends. They provide each other with emotional support. When Sawa's guardians learn of her new friend, revenge is sought and Sawa must fight to break free from the cycle of violence.

Retail Price: $19.99
Your Price: $12.34
Nabari no Ou DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

In the shadows of this modern world, ninjas fight for control of an ancient technique which holds untold strength. This coveted power dwells within apathetic Miharu, a fact the guy really couldn't care less about - until the clashing rival clans bring their battle to him. Now Miharu struggles to understand the mystery buried in his soul, and must choose a side if he hopes to survive.

Retail Price: $29.98
Your Price: $18.46
Naruto: Shippuden Wallet: Leaf

Retail Price: $17.99
Your Price: $11.69
Ninja Triple Feature DVD (S) LiveAction (She-Devil/Teenage Ninja/Naked Sword)

If a ninja's greatest weapon is to be unseen, prepare to meet three ladies who need some serious remedial ninja education. By the time this over-the-top (and out-of-their-tops) trilogy of Kunoichi films is finished, there'll be very little of them that the entire nation of Japan HASN'T seen. Contains Ninja She-Devil, I Was a Teenage Ninja, and Ninjaken: The Naked Sword.

Retail Price: $19.98
Your Price: $12.13
Oreimo Girl's Fitted T-Shirt: Kirino in Green - M

Retail Price: $18.99
Your Price: $12.50
Origin: Spirits of the Past DVD (Hyb) Special Edition Viridian Collection

A young boy named Agito enters a forbidden sanctuary where a glowing machine resides. This machine preserves a young girl named Toola, who has a mission entrusted by her from the past. Three-hundred years into the future, the Earth's environment has been ruined by the interference of mankind, and in-between the 300 years, the forest has come to life and is at constant war with man. Only by searching their souls and examining the past will Toola and Agito realize the origin of all things and unite mankind with the forest.

Retail Price: $19.98
Your Price: $11.99
Sword Masters: Swordsman and Enchantress DVD (S) LiveAction

Two wushu warriors brilliantly battle it out to attain the precious "Deer Sword" until they are trapped in the insidious, maze-like puppet work, from which few emerge. Kung-fu choreography giant Tang Chia leads the king and queen of Shaw Brothers' swordplay, Ti Lung and Lily Li, in a fascinating and entertaining adventure of consummate sword and sorcery.

Retail Price: $14.98
Your Price: $9.14
Vampire Knight Magnetic Bookmarks Set: Chibis

Retail Price: $7.99
Your Price: $5.37

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