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Kobato DVD Collection 2 (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Daniel J. O'Brien - Aug 29 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
An INSTANT CLASSIC from Clamp Studios with everything you expect from them!
Although the herione is a naieve young lady with a heart of gold, her antagonist a doll named Ioryogi, keeps her in line like a drill sargent in the army. As our young lady tries desperately to mend hearts in order to get to the place she wishes to be, she usually ends up a bit short even with the help of an Angel, Iryogi, and many others. If only she could keep her mind on what she needs to do and not in trying to help others....or in falling in love? A story repleate with comedy, action, sentiment that may have you teary-eyed, and definately routing for the young lady the entire time..... A story with music you will sing and hum long after the Anime is over and done with. A great ending that makes you feel......well you will have to watch it to find out, won't you?