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Forbidden Quest DVD (S) LiveAction

Yun-Seo is a respectable writer, but desires a wider audience. When he accidentally stumbles upon the underground pornographic publishing industry, he quickly finds his opportunity. He abandons his literature to pen erotic works of his own under a secret name.

When his work is widely read, the Royal Court vows to find this pervert and punish him, and perhaps put him to death, but Yun-Seo enjoys writing about sex too much to stop. Besides, the reception for his controversial work is everything he could ever dream of. But how long can he keep writing before he is found and killed?

Spoken Languages: Korean, English subtitles.

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  • Publisher - PATHFINDER
  • Media - DVD
  • Format - English Subtitles
  • Live Action? - Yes
  • 142 Minutes
  • Release Date - Jul 14 2009
  • Product Availability - More Arriving Soon! (More Information)

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