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Armitage III: Dual Matrix DVD (Hyb) (Special Edition)

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Reviews of this title:

Blade J. Exanthos - May 13 2002
Rating: Pretty good!
action-packed,great-storylined,awesome-all-around anime.
I buy these things and watch them,that's all. Most of the DVD's i buy (mostly hentai) never leave the package. But this one caught my interest.And i'll tell you, the sequel to Armitage lll: PolyMatrix is worth $29.98, (special edition) every cent. All 125 minutes will keep you on the edge of your seat.I won't spoil the movie buy blabbing about it, so just buy the fucking thing:) P-S: Listen to your navel. ( IT KNOWS THINGS) BLESSED BE

C B. O - Jun 25 2002
Rating: Pretty good!
A -MUST SEE- for Armitage III fans - but !!!!
This is a MUST SEE for the Armitage III fan!! You will like the regular animation mixed with the computer generated stuff for the big action sceens but be prepared to be disappointed at the storyline cause for the true Armitage III fan there are so many holes in it you could drive a truck thru. They have taken alot of the spunk out of Naomi (I quest that happens after you've been married 6 years and have a kid). Here's one for you to keep in the back of your mind when watching it: Doesn't Ross Sylibus also have a robtic arm & leg (which we don't see at the beach sceen at the end of the movie??? Regardless - It's still a Must See !!!

Paul Burke - Jun 27 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
Armitage the Third-DUAL Matrix, whereto begin? One word-mindblowing.
Being a big fan ao the original, I waited and waited for this to come out. Boy, was it worth the wait. The art and plotting were tighter than the original if possible. Armitage forever.

Jamie Stafford - Jul 3 2002 FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM
Rating: Wonderful!
An Excellent Film... Except for those who have not seen Poly-Matrix
I loved Armitage III: Poly-Matrix, so I pre-ordered Dual-Matrix as soon as I possibly could. The differences between the two versions are like night and day, but they are both narratively excellent - fully engrossing and complete with twists and surprises.

The main difference between the 1980s Poly-Matrix and the new Dual-Matrix is the animation style. This is similar to the difference between the original 1980s Bubblegum Crisis series and its late-1990s rehash. In both cases, the latter versions use much "cleaner" animation; in the case of Dual-Matrix, there is a very heavy use of CGI, which creates some stunning visual effects, but is generally not very seamless at all. This seamlessness detracts very much from the viewing experience and momentarily jars the spectator away from the narrative, in much the same way as Macross Plus or Blue Submarine No. 6; despite its relative "age," the seamless use of CGI in Ghost in the Shell is still the benchmark which other anime series and films must strive to achieve.

Another difference is the voice-acting. The North American audience has only commercially had access to the dubbed version of Poly-Matrix; the voice-acting in that film was absolutely brilliant, although not quite on the level of excellence of My Neighbor Totoro. Although Juliette Lewis returns as the voice actress of Naomi Armitage in Dual-Matrix, her voice has definitely changed in the intervening years, which itself changes Armitage's personality in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, she is the only returning voice-actor for the English dub, which also means that Ross Syllabus' personality undergoes severe changes with the new voice-actor.

Dual-Matrix is an excellent film, and is definitely one which any true anime fan should see and cherish. However, those who have not seen Poly-Matrix will certainly miss a lot of the character motivation in Dual-Matrix. While Dual-Matrix does begin with a brief synopsis of what has happened in the intervening years since the end of Poly-Matrix, it truly glosses over the details of the original film, resulting in utter confusion for those unfamiliar with Poly-Matrix.

Dual-Matrix is an EXCELLENT film, and the DVD balances this nicely with good extras. Particularly interesting is the film trailer, which itself is worthy of awards. The PlayStation2-compatible DVD is nicely constructed, and definitely worthy of a "Wonderful" rating :-)

D Z - Oct 2 2002
Rating: "Okay."
100% easily forgetable... But fans might like it.
Well thinking of memorable anime, the first Armitage has never stuck out in my mind. This follows in the same footsteps quite well. It's got some action. It's got nifty special effects. It's got some political intruige. It's got a cute anime chick dressed like a hooker whupping the snot of robots and thugs. It's a perfectly acceptable sequal... Unfortunately, that's all it is. It doesn't particulaly stand up well on it's own. Anyone that hasn't seen the first one probably won't get a whole lot out of this except a moderate dose of action (about the same minimum amount you'd get out of any given action movie). A few holes in the plot don't help matters either. As for the animation, it's also competely okay. It's all very smooth and glossy to give it that high tech futuristic look. It also slightly helps to blend it with the computer generated images. But for the most part this fails miserably. The CGI sticks out like a sore thumb. (On one occasion I was reminded of the archaic CGI they used many years ago in the original Golgo 13.) As usual, the CGI is jarring to the viewer and feels like a slap in the face. Otherwise the animation was crisp and clean, though a little plain sometimes. It's not a bad movie and definitely not just a cheap knock-off of the first. And if you in the mood for some light entertainment, this'll certainly provide. But if you've already got the first Armitage, you'd probably be more entertained watching that again. It's just plain better.

Tap Bryant - Nov 30 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
A great movie
Armitage III was just as good as the previous armitage movies. I enjoyed ever minute of this movie. It had a lot of action and the storyline was good. I the animation was great and the voices as well. If like action and a little drama this a must buy anime :)

Chook W. Tan - Mar 18 2003
Rating: Pretty good!
Big disappointment...
Yes, the drawing, design, 3 D graphic, all are a master piece. However, other than that, you truely have nothing... The biggest down side on Armitage II is poor story line. There isn't any story line at all. Everything is front the original 1st. You won't even understand what this animation is about without watching the first Armitage. The only supprise I get is Armitage's daughter, which isn't much of a supprise since that in the end of the first story, Armitage was pregnent. I can tell the story with only one sentence: More third has been killed, so Armitage is back for revenge. End of story.

With a story line so poor, this animation can end in less than 60 mins. However, the producers is forcing the animation to be over 90 mins. How do they do so? By adding in more fight scences (which is not as impressive as the first either). When Ross and Armitage try to leave the Earth, at the airport, they run from the entrance to a lift, and then to another lift. After that, they go up again on a platform lift (the one in Akira). The platform lift moves up for over 10 mins, and then to another lift, and one more lift, only then they reach the air ship. And every time they move, there are some fighting. The Earth has a really BIG airport, that for sure...

Love L. Bud - Oct 12 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
The First was alot Better
Okay, there is one thing that I can say about this anime "very good". The animation is wonderful and the storyline is good aswell. But there are thinks that did kinda ruin it. The story line was good, but not good enough ( the reason is that , she settled down, got married what is up with that, that's not Armitage, ) Her having a daughter was alright though.

If I was a movie critic I would give this anime a *** out of 4.

Really Good