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Antique Bakery DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Jessica Chin - Mar 25 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Charming Series, A Must-Have Set
I'm a big fan if this series myself having seen it while it was airing in Japan. The subtitles are accurate and readable, the box is a nice chipboard box making the set durable, and the design of the set is simple and elegant, complementing the series itself.

As for the series, it is filled with just enough fan-service to give the ladies (and some men) a wonderful laugh. The story has great character development and will make you feel warm inside. I would definitely recommend buying this series, it is worth it.

John R. Jones - Apr 4 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Turned on by the pastry
I really liked the manga "Not Love But Delicious Foods" by Antique Bakery's original creator, Fumi Yoshinaga, so I decided to check out her most popular series's adaptation. They used a mix of 3-D CG and drawings, and didn't make any effort to appear otherwise; I thought that it created an appealing look. The yaoi elements didn't go past anything you've seen on "Will and Grace", and it told an interesting, multi-faceted story. The foodie porn is the only graphic part, so have some sweets on hand.