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Black Butler Girl's Fitted T-Shirt: Dancing - S

Retail Price: $18.99
Your Price: $12.39
Blue Drop DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

Five years ago, something horrifying happened on Kamioki Island. Something so nightmarish that it stripped all memory from Mari Wakatake's mind even as it left every other human on the island dead in its wake! Now enrolled against her will at an isolated girl's academy, Mari is unaware that hidden eyes are watching her, waiting for her memory to return.

Retail Price: $59.98
Your Price: $36.31
Case Closed (Detective Conan) Graphic Novel 35

Flash back to one of the cases that made Jimmy Kudo famous before he became Conan! While visiting his actress mother on Broadway, Jimmy discovers some rotten apples in the Big Apple. Someone is trying to kill the stars of Golden Apple, a musical based on Greek mythology, and the only clue is a golden apple inscribed "For the Fairest." While Jimmy races to crack the case, Rachel stumbles upon a mystery of her own... and a certain man in a black knit cap!

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $6.03
Casshern Sins DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

Casshern, a cybernetic assassin with no memory of his past, awakens in a corrosive wasteland where nothing survives for long. A plague known as the Ruin sweeps across this once-vibrant world, reducing everything in its path to rubble and scattering any chance for salvation. Robots and humans alike - or what little remains of them - seek vengeance against Casshern for the life he took and the role he played in their Ruin. A machine built to kill, Casshern murdered the last hope for this world, but now, lost in a future he does not recognize, he will fight to save the dying.

Retail Price: $29.98
Your Price: $17.92
Condor DVD (D)

Tony Valdez is a college dropout who turned his back on his family's robotics corporation to become a champion skateboarder. But when his parents are murdered and Tony's legs are destroyed in a brutal beating, he uses his father's experimental NanoBot technology to walk again. Now as the super-human skater known as the Condor, Tony must reconcile a crime-fighting conscience with his rage for vengeance.

Retail Price: $9.98
Your Price: $6.49
Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth DVD Complete Collection (S)

When young Japanese girl Yune decides to accompany her new acquaintance, Oscar, to Paris, where his family's metal declining shop is barely making ends meet in the face of its new competition, she may just be setting a new wave of changes into motion. Could Yune be the critical spark needed to rekindle the fires in both the hearts and minds of the Enseignes du Roy? As old worlds come to an end, new beginnings will be forged!

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $30.47
El Cazador de la Bruja DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

Ellis is an amnesiac with a bounty on her head, and Nadie's trigger finger is the only thing keeping her friend from falling into the wrong hands. They're looking for pieces of Ellis's past, and every mile of open highway brings the girls closer together - but their special bond is bound to be tested.

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $29.96
Naruto Keychain: Sakura Weapon (5 in)

Retail Price: $4.50
Your Price: $3.40
Pet Costume: Piglet Hat - M

Retail Price: $21.99
Your Price: $13.63
Rosario+Vampire DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

Tsukune's terrible grades stick him in the only school that will take him. To his mortification, all of his classmates are monsters, and if they figure out his human status he's fresh meat! But when his scent attracts the hungry lips of a gorgeous vampire named Moka, it turns out he's a sucker for supernatural chicks.

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $30.14
Sailor Moon Pin Set: Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter SD

Retail Price: $5.99
Your Price: $4.29
Tai Chi Hero DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

Chen Village still stands in the shadow of danger. A prodigal brother returns, Lu Chan's presence invokes a curse on the town, and Yuniang's scorned fiancee has an appetite for revenge, as well as some new partners in crime.

Retail Price: $24.98
Your Price: $15.28

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