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Andromeda: Season 2: 2.5 DVD (D) LiveAction

Episode 219: Belly of the Beast
Is the massive Cetus a real space creature or a myth? The people of Savion believe, and their planet has the scars to prove it. Dylan and Trance go to Savion to promise protection. Meanwhile, Andromeda and her remaining crew meet the huge monster up close... and it's hungry.

Episode 220: The Knight, Death, and the Devil
Dylan learns of a powerful High Guard fleet, held captive by the Nietzscheans. Even with no crews, the ships would strengthen the new Commonwealth. But the ships' AI systems are wary of being "saved" after 300 years alone... and the Nietzscheans won't let their loot go without a fight.

Episode 221: Immaculate Perception
A group of racist warriors, the Genites, is killing all genetically altered humans, especially Nietzschean women and children. Their next target is home to Tyr's beautiful wife, whom he was forced to abandon. When Tyr arrives to save her, he receives unexpected news... he has a son.

Episode 222: Tunnel at the End of the Light
Delegates from all the Commonwealth worlds gather onboard Andromeda to ratify Dylan's Charter. But a mysterious evil lurks among them. Trance has seen it before-in the future-and knows it ends in destruction and death. With this future now become the present, can Dylan and his crew change the course of history to save the Commonwealth... and their own lives.

DVD Features: Behind the Scenes Interview with Gordon Michael Woolvett (Harper), Behind the Scenes Interview with Props Master Don Buchannan, Commentary for Ep. 222 "Tunnel at the End of the Light" with Lisa Ryder (Beka) and Gordon Michael Woolvett, Behind the Scenes Interview with Keith Hamilton Cobb (Tyr), Andromeda TV Promos, Alternate Takes/Deleted Scenes, Design Gallery, Bloopers, and Previews.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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