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Rurouni Kenshin BIG Edition Graphic Novel 6 (16-18)

Second only to Shishio Makoto when it comes to skill with a blade, the emotionless warrior Seta Sojiro's speed and agility are pushing Kenshin to the breaking point. But why did a seemingly humble man such as Sojiro decide to ally himself with the ruthless hitokiri Shishio? Mid-battle, Sojiro pauses to reflect back on his fateful encounter with the man to whom he would one day pledge his loyalty.

Has Sojiro truly reconciled himself to his master's downright homicidal worldview? And finally, Kenshin's long-awaited duel with Shishio commences. With nothing less than the future of Japan hanging in the balance, Kenshin's resolution to never again take a life is about to be put to the ultimate test.

Assistance also comes from Sanosuke, Saito Hajime, and Shinomori Aoshi, but to the power-hungry Shishio, men even of their caliber can be swatted down like so many flies. Will someone find Shishio's weakness before he annihilates the greatest swordsmen the Meiji Era has to offer? Furthermore, can Kenshin's dream for a new Japan be possible as long as Shishio still draws breath?

Story and art by Nobuhiro Watsuki.


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