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Madtown Hospital Graphic Novel 4

The jealous Dr. Don Juan continuously tortures the popular Dr. Huh, not knowing that Dr. Huh is actually a woman. Dr. Huh stumbles on the strange fact that no one seems to know where Madtown Hospital's director is. Are they telling her the truth or is this some kind of conspiracy to hide the director's whereabouts?

Dr. Huh's decides to investigate. Her research eventually leads her to an article in the Madtown Hospital Bulletin dated 20 years ago. She learns that the director of the hospital had been suffering from an incurable disease and that the Madtown doctors had decided to paralyze the director's body with a specially developed solution to try to keep him alive. The director had been sleeping ever since!

Dr. Huh and the rest of the Madtown staff finally revive the director, but the trouble is that the director's mind has been conscious and awake all those years. He remembers everything and everyone gets a taste of the director's revenge. Everyone, that is, except Galgoo, the part-timer who has taken great care of the director's body, and who becomes the director's successor. Will Madtown Hospital ever find peace?

Story and art by JTK.


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