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Suikoden III Graphic Novel 1

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Sum Gai - May 29 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Suiko fans unite!
This is admittingly a biased review. I am a big fan of the Genso Suikoden universe and have bought and played all three (As of this review 4 is still on the horizon). While Suikoden 3 is one of the least favorite of the series, it had a good plot. It just lacked in the gameplay department a little (or a lot depending on who you ask). I'll split this review in two sections: a fanboy's dream and an objective (as much as possible) view.

For any fan of the game this is a must have. Why? You get to see all your favorite characters of course! This being only the first voulume you only see a handful, but it's the handful of the most important characters. It also has some background on Hugo and Chris, Geddoe remains enigmatic at the moment. Though, it is mostly stuff you've seen before from the game, but seeing them in manga form is still a tasty treat. There's also a surprise for the big fans who have internet access and know of a certain popular fan site.

For those who don't know about the games... well there's still something here for you. Of course, playing the games will ruin it for you, so don't go out and play for the sake of this manga (I doubt anyone would anyways). The plot shifts between three parties, each giving you their perspective, each slowly intertwining. Its well written and the artwork is very nice, very smooth. It's diffitcult to say anything that would be fair, since I am personally a fan. However, in itself it should still be a great buy.