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Yu Yu Hakusho

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Yu Yu Hakusho Action Figure: Jagan Hiei (12 in)

Yu Yu Hakusho Action Figure: Koenma (7 in) - Series 2

Yu Yu Hakusho Action Figure: Suzaku (7 in) - Series 2

Yu Yu Hakusho Cap: Ghost Files Knit Steep Cap

Yu Yu Hakusho Cap: Symbol Knit

Yu Yu Hakusho Five Standing (Eps 57-70) DVD (Hyb)

Team Urameshi's fortunes in the Finals of the Dark Tournament have changed for the worse. Kurama's latest match is a disappointment, and Hiei risks being swallowed and destroyed by his own power! During his match with Toguro, Kuwabara is told some disheartening news. With extreme rage Kuwabara strikes Toguro, splitting the demon in half! The arena watches in horror at what unfolds!

Yu Yu Hakusho Graphic Novel 10

Team Urameshi's successful campaign in the Dark Tournament continues after Fox Demon Kurama makes an honest monster out of Reverse Urashima. Too bad Reverse Urashima's fellow Fractured Fairy Tail Shishiwakamaru silences him before he could divulge the truth about their team.

Yu Yu Hakusho Graphic Novel 11

The Dark Tournament is finally down to the wire. After a long trail of brutal bloodshed, the stage has been set for the ultimate showdown between Team Urameshi and Team Toguro. And now that Kurama can transform into a fox demon at will by drinking the potion from the Seed of De-Incarnation, his ferocious plants have been given a much-needed energy boost.

Yu Yu Hakusho Graphic Novel 12

When Kuwabara learns the truth about Genkai's demise, he takes the news hard, wondering why Yusuke waited so long to tell him. Then the elder Toguro reappears and taunts the team about Genkai's death! It's not a good idea to tease those experiencing great sorrow - a lesson the elder Toguro quickly learns, but not from the one you'd expect to teach him.

Yu Yu Hakusho Graphic Novel 13

After the Dark Tournament ends Yusuke and friends come home for a much deserved rest. The vacation is cut short when Yusuke gets taken hostage by three classmates who have recently gained strange powers. It's up to Kuwabara and friends to try to rescue him. But without their star fighter's abilities will they be up to the task?

Yu Yu Hakusho Graphic Novel 14

With the Dark Tournament far behind them, the gang is in a whole new mess! Someone is trying to pick up where Sakyo's dream of opening a portal from the demon plane into the human world left off. Already, energy from their evil world is seeping through. The group heads to Swarm City and finds the place crawling with nasty insects only those with a developed sixth sense can see.

Yu Yu Hakusho Graphic Novel 15

Kuwabara's been kidnapped! Unbeknownst to anyone - especially him - his aura sword is so powerful it can actually cut holes between dimensions, which is exactly what his kidnapper Sensui is after. But Yusuke's not giving up so easily and sets off in pursuit on a bicycle.

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