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Basic Japanese Through Comics Book 1

This book presents some very basic words and phrases, along with some that are not usually considered "basic" at all, but the Mangajin method can make even advanced material accessible to students at all levels.

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Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture

In the West, Japanese culture comes in the form of Power Rangers, Godzilla movies, and Sanrio products, but of course the indigenous pop culture is much richer. Rather than focus on what the rest of the world has already encountered, Mark Schilling provides an encyclopedic compendium of books, movies, music, comedians, and cultural scandals that have had the greatest impact in Japan.

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Essential Kanji

Essential Kanji is an integrated course for learning to read and write the 2,000 basic Japanese characters. It introduces the kanji that are now in everyday use, a mastery of which makes it possible to read most modern Japanese. Devised for either home or classroom use, the book has been tested and refined by years of use in university classes taught by the author.

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How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging

Traditional Japanese packaging is an art form that applies sophisticated design and natural aesthetics to simple objects. In this elegant presentation of the baskets, boxes, wrappers, and containers that were used in ordinary, day-to-day life, we are offered a stunning example of a time before mass production. Through 221 black-and-white photographs of authentic examples of traditional Japanese packaging - with commentary on the origins, materials, and use of each piece - the items here offer a look into a lost art.

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Japanese Street Slang: Completely Revised and Updated

From ai ("love") to zukkyu! ("heart attack!"), Japanese Street Slang details the roughest and rawest street language as it's used in Japan today. Here's how the Japanese really speak: the hustlers and high-rollers, the anime otaku teens and Tokyo yuppies, the gangsters and their ladies of the night. This is the guide to the kinkiest sex talk, drug slang, criminal lingo, popular text-messaging abbreviations, and more.

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