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Blue Exorcist DVD 2 (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Tabitha Lehosky - Aug 20 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Great idea pulled off
My only complaint is that the 13 episodes ends without the series ending. Hopefully more episodes are coming. Good idea brought to life, internal struggle of good and evil on a larger scale. Foreshadowing brought out in these last few episodes of where the series is/could go. Excited for more. Good action. Not too much gore. Not much sex. Adolescent humor and angst.

Sabrina Mills - Nov 24 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
In a league all its own....
An awesome anime that keeps in perfect harmony with the original manga series by Kazue Kato. A excellent cast of characters in a story of good vs evil and the ties that bind brothers and friends with just the right mix of action, drama and humor you can't go wrong with this one! An Nobuhiko Okumoto's portrayal as Rin Okumara is simply perfection!!