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Iria: Zeiram DVD Economy Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Sep 7 2007
Rating: Pretty good!
Pretty good for an older anime - worth seeing !!
This was about the second or third Anime that I ever saw and it REALLY got me wanting to watch more Anime because of it (back in the days when Anime only came on VHS tapes). The animation style is a little bit older but not bad (not bad at all) and the storyline and characters are very well done. Lots of action. Like I said its pretty good for an older Anime. This one is in my collection. A must see for any Anime Fan.

Iria is a cocky little 16 yr old bounty hunter (she of course is cute and cool) and you follow her thru the universe hunting down bad guys. She gets advise from a handheld computer called Bob.She also picks up a few helpers on her adventure. She of course winds up in a huge battle with Zeiram (one of the weirdest aliens I've seen). Again worth seeing.

Roy A. Sandow - Aug 27 2008 ROYSCARTOON@YAHOO.COM
Rating: Wonderful!
A very good Sci-Ft anime.
Very good show. It begins as a rescue mission, then ends up for 'Iria' as a fight for survival for the entire univers. She is help by 'Bob'; her mentor, that she carries on her arm. Many of things that I saw were very defferent than any conventional space epic. That is why I like this show soo much. Tf you get a chance of seeing this anime, find in your heart to buy it. It is a very good watching this three disc; I recommend this set.