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Death Note DVD Set 1 (Hyb)
J Lawson - Apr 28 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
Dark, great plot twists, battle of wits between Light and L!
Death Note is a classic series for a reason, it kicks ass! The overall story is very dark, about a brilliant but bored sociopath in the making Light Yagami, a young high school student who happens to find the Death Note and uses it to make himself into a "god" of death and so-called "justice". Light might start out with good intentions, but there is nothing good in killing human beings, even if they are nasty criminals. It doesn't take long before Light is using his Death Note along with his equally frightening intellect to not only kill criminals, but to bump off innocent people whose only crime is getting in his way or threatening to expose him. Light is pretty much a sociopath from the start, but after he gets the DN he has a huge amount of power at his disposal and the intelligence to use it and not get caught. Light is evil but charismatic, the worst kind of evil because he has convinced himself he is doing good for the world. Yet Light can be likable, watching the anime from his point of view you almost root for him to evade discovery and capture even while feeling vaguely guilty for liking such a villianous character. L is the perfect foil to Light, another mad genius who is somehow both innocently sweet and obsessively paranoid. Watching the chess game between them is fantastic. The other recurring characters are solid as well, written as not just oversimplified "good" or "bad" but with flaws and virtues, like real people. The shinigami are always fascinating; Ryuk is often funny and provides much of the rare comedic relief in an otherwise bleak series. The animation is well-done, a lot of dark and washed-out colors to reflect the growing darkness of the series itself, the action scenes are good, but don't expect HD since this is an older series. There isn't a lot of action since this is more a "brains-over-brawn" story, but there are a few occasionally. This series would probably appeal to those who like gritty, dark, suspenseful anime such as (Naoki Urasawa's) Monster, Gantz, When They Cry, Gunslinger Girl, Black Lagoon, etc. DN is also good for fans of dark supernatural anime like Shiki, Black Butler, Hellsing, Ergo Proxy and the like. One could even compare this series to the also amazing Showtime series Dexter.

The disc set is nicely packaged, although I would prefer a more secure box for the discs rather than the "gatefold" and plastic trays type packaging. Nice to have a booklet though, you don't get those much anymore on newer sets. I would LOVE to see a complete Death Note series set someday on Blu-ray in some kind of limited edition, with a really nice box and extras, booklet, soundtracks, the works! I would pay for it. But until then, the 2 DVD box sets are great and at these prices, a great deal!

If you can handle black humor, twisty plots, a remorselessly evil anti-hero, an overall dark theme, and a classic battle of the brains a la Sherlock Holmes vs. Moriarty (from Moriarty's POV) in an anime, then check out Death Note!