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Reviews of this title:

Shirl J. Howard - Mar 21 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
Very good story line but incomplete.
I enjoyed this anime very much indeed. My only disappointment was that the story is not finished. It's like starting a real good book. You get so into a great story, only to find that it is not finished. Nor is it ever going to be completed. Very, very disappointing, and sad. Here could have been a excellent story, that could have been listed with other great stories; and past down and recognize for some generations. As unique in the story line and the excellent anime drawnings. I don't know what happening that it was decided not to be completed it. I believe it could have made even more money if someone had decided to finished it. I wish I had never even started looking at the parts that was released. It like reading an unfinished book. No closure! I waited for years after the first viewing for it to finally to air on TV here in the US. I also waited until it was released on DVD, only to be disappointed in a unfinished project. What a let down?!!!!

Shirl J. H. - May 18 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
I was highly please with what was show, but disappointed it wasn't finished.
As I stated adove the program was very well put together, but it wasn't finished so it was a extremely bad let down. It was like reading a good book that the last chapter wasn't written or not included in the book. I make sure now. That any dvds or videos released by these producers are completed before. I purchase it no matter how much; I may like the preview or what I may see on TV or their trailer. Their animation is excellent; but I rather not be bother purchasing even part of a good story. Than purchasing a whole bad story. To me there equal because there both a let down and not worth the time or money. I keep checking from time to time to see if anyone has decided to finish what they started, but to no avail thus far. Maybe someone in the future may take the responsibility to complete this unfinished work, but I have my misgivings. That this program will ever see a completion by these producers. I don't know what the problems was to stop production. Quite sad when adults can't find a answer to finish what the start. Bad message that it send to the young that wish to follow in their foot steps.

Rustin b. Meek - Oct 6 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
thrilling the whole way through
a world full of wolves hidden amongst us as humans.. whats not to like? great animation, a more than solid story, in depth characters.. this show has it all.. it's one of my favorite animes of all time, and i happen to enjoy the ending... two thumbs up, no doubt!

Chae Kwon Y. Kwon - Oct 25 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Wolves are awesome!
I have no idea what the first reviewer is ranting about that this show is incomplete? cuz this anime has a great story AND a cool ending! if you like serious & mature anime then GO BUY THIS NOW! 10 out of 10

alphachap mtl - Feb 23 2010
Rating: Not all that good.
Illogical, Self-Contradictory
This story does not make sense. It is illogical, full of contradictions. Here we have wolves who are humans. They do not transform, they are both. How can that be? It is illogical, it is impossible. Some see them as humans, some see them as wolves. Who see them how has no logic to it. So if they walk on snow, what footprints do they leave? Whatever the scene shows, with no logic to it. Do they have hands to turn a doorknob or climb a ladder? Yes or no depending on the scene, with no logic to it. Do they have fangs and claws to fight and bite? Yes or no depending on the scene, with no logic to it. Do they wear shoes or clothes? Yes or no depending on the scene, with no logic to it. So the whole story is illogical, worthless and uninteresting.

K M. Ta - May 1 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
A most interesting anime
I went with the "wonderful" rating because the underlying story, voice acting, beautiful artwork, and music, are all excellent. I did not watch it in English, since after viewing the sub version I didn't feel like I needed to, though at some point I probably will, just to compare the details.

I don't agree with those who say it's "unfinished". This anime is true to the "circle of life" concept, as are many Japanese stories, and if you have watched a lot of anime, you know that the recurring themes of reincarnation and renewal are the cornerstone of so many animes.

I like it very much and feel it's a good addition to my library. Thanks for reading my review.

ken Abdullah - Jun 20 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
it's a master piece
Wolf's rain is a master piece. It's really going to drew you into the story. The ending makes you go weep. I don't want to spoil it, so I won't say it. However, the plot of story cann't be descibed it as a simply good vs evil. All the characters in the story pursue for something important to them. Some of them did not realize it initally, but in the end everybody realize and find purpose of their life and find what is the most important thing to them. Theme of the story is about love. Nobady can live without someone to love. Those who don't may turn into a monster who lost himself to a lonelyness. The ending simply tell us that there is something that cannot be controled or something beyoud our reach like a destiny. Everything cann't exit forever, there is always an end. One must live to the fullest within their time.

It's really good. You should buy it. I watched dub and It was excellent.

skoll fenrirson - Jan 4 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
out of all the anime ive watched this is my favorite
this anime is a master piece, people have been saying that its ending isnt completed but it is. as ken said it toys with your emotions. i recommend this anime to anyone that likes wolves or wants a story that is out of the box and different. I'm on a journey...for paradise, everyone is on some level, whether they want to accept it or not.