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Voogie's Angel DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Shingetta S. San - Nov 18 2001
Rating: Pretty good!
Good anime and cool voice acting.
Voogies Angels is pretty cool and funny, this DVD anime contains the two languages, other anime trailers and some cool stuffs. The storyline is good, regular action and the characters desing is wacky. Don't buy it if you have the chance to rent it!!!!!

The Japanese's voice acting was cool and the English's voice acting was also cool, I prefer Voogie's voice in English because it sounded more sweet than the Japanese's voice and I prefer the Bad dude's voice in Japanese because it sounded more sinister than the English's voice.

I don't know why are you people complaining about this dubs, THE ENGLISH DUB USE TO HEAR GOOD!!!!! I know there are some lousy dubs but most of them are very good! Your problem is when you hear a dub like Princess Mononoke or Please Save my Earth you say "Cool but now I want MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE,MOOOOOOOOOOORE BETTER DUBS!!!!!!!", not all the dubs have to end up like Princess Mononoke. I think the Japanese voice acting is the one that ROCK'S for the Anime but I also enjoy some cool dubs like: Devil Hunter Yokho, 3*3 Eyes(Streamline version), Black Lion (It was a garbage anime but not the voices), Maps, Iczelion, Battle Arena Toshiden, Poltergeist Report and Shadow Skill!!! sniff!sniff!You people SNIFF! you just don't know how lucky you are... sniff! with real good voice acting like: Lunar: Silver Star Story (videogame), Ogre Slayer, Key the Metal Idol (My favorite anime), Twilight of the Darkmaster and Arc the Lad... WHAT!! don't tell me that you still complaining about the dub's additions like: "Let's rock, baby", "Tic-Toc! your time is out!", "I think is time for you to die", "Prepare to lose your life!" and "kiss baby goodbye!". If you still complaining about this then I think that people waste more time complaining and less time enjoying...sniff! you... JUST... Don'T KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!!!sniff!


roosevelt colston - Feb 13 2006
Rating: Not all that good.
the cover looks nice
this was very boring and the action didnt happen til the end. dont waste your money!

Mick Kovacs - Jul 28 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Once again you are left hanging!
Admittedly the premice is dumb and the writing isn't all that strong but still it left questions unanswered and issues unresolved could have been a lot better had someone taken the time to work with it. It is if Jan Berry had stopped writing Deadman's Curve at the point where his Vette went into the swerve the music quits and the song has ended. You may speculate as to what happened to the racers but that is all you can do.

Michael S. Spooner - Aug 29 2006
Rating: "Okay."
Leaves you hanging
The story line is pretty interesting, but it leaves you wondering if the aliens were beat. It's like the story never really had an ending at all. I mean what happens next? Where do they go from there?