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Star Blazers DVD Box Set 2: The Comet Empire (D)

In the year 2201, a new danger threatens the Earth! From out of the depths of space come the deadly Comet Empire, a massive machine of destruction and conquest. Responding to a mysterious message of warning, the Star Force blasts off to investigate the threat and they are quickly drawn into a conflict even greater than the war with Gamilon.

To make matters worse, the defeated Gamilon leader Desslok prowls the galaxy, determined to avenge his lost empire. New enemies, new allies, new loves, and new dangers all come together in this second series of Star Blazers!

DVD Features: The Crew of the Argo, A Gallery of Earth, 2201 AD, The Remodelled Argo, The Equipment of the Star Force, Desslok and the Gamilons, Overview of the Comet Empire, Trelaina and Planest Telezart, The Earth Defense Forces, Interactive Mission Map, Voice Actor Interviews.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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