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About Time 5: Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Seasons 18-21)

About Time serves as the definitive (albeit unofficial) guide to the classic Doctor Who Seasons 18 to 21 - the end of the Tom Baker era and the whole of Peter Davison's tenure as the Doctor. Written by Lawrence Miles (Faction Paradox) and Tat Wood (SFX, TV Zone), About Time examines the show's continuity in bursting detail, and more crucially looks at how the political / social issues of the early 1980s affected the series' production.

Written by Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood.

Essays in this volume include:
The John Nathan-Turner Era: What Was the Difference?
Did Doctor Who Magazine Change Everything?
How Does Evolution Work?
Or Could It Be Fantasy?
Which are the 'Arteur' Directors?
How Does Regeneration Work?
What Other Spin-Offs Were Planned?
What Difference Does a Day Make?
Four Whats to Doomsday?
Is 'Realism' Enough?
What Happened to All the Stuff Under Heathrow?
Do Mutilation and Entertainment Mix?
What's Wrong with Cyber-History?
Why are There So Many Doubles in the Universe?
Did Kate Bush Really Write This?
What is the Blinovitch Limitation Effect?
How Can the Universe Have a Centre?
What Happened at Longleat?
Bad Costume Decisions: What are the Highlights?
Who Went to Aunt Vanessa's Funeral?
How Indestructable is the TARDIS?
Which Stories Have the Best Body Counts?
Who Decides What makes a Companion?
LOAD: What Did the Computer-People Think?
The John Nathan-Turner Era: What Went Horribly Wrong?


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