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The Tick vs. Season 1 DVD (D)

Attention evil-doers! The Tick is here, and he's wearing the blue tights of justice! Together with his trusty moth-costumed sidekick Arthur, The Tick keeps the streets of The City safe from a rogue's gallery of hilariously malevolent villains. So grab a snack, put your feet up, and get ready to laugh and cheer as everyone's favorite brawny hero swats evil on the snout with the rolled-up newspaper of goodness!

Contains the following the episodes:
The Tick vs. the Idea Man
The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale
The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil
The Tick vs. Mr. Mental
The Tick vs. the Breadmaster
The Tick vs. El Seed
The Tick vs. the Tick
The Tick vs. Uncommon Cold
The Tick vs. Brainchild
The Tick vs. Pineapple Pokopo
The Tick vs. Proto-Clown
The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account

Spoken Languages: English.


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