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Afro Samurai DVD (D) Uncut

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Reviews of this title:

Nicholas P. Roseberry - Jun 21 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the best ever? no question!
Within the first 20 seconds I knew I was watching something special. What can I say other than amazing! The animation is beyond that of anything else I've seen (been an anime junkie since '94 after seeing a crappy dub of Akira on a worn out vhs cassette). Afro Samurai is a tale of revenge set in a quasi-futuristic world full of theives, murderers and assassins all in search of the legendary #1 headband, and title of the best warrior in the world. The story begins with a young Afro watching in horror as his father is beheaded in a dual against Justice a "cowboy" and former freind to Afro's dad. Justice proceeds to claim the #1 headband for himself and says, "Challenge me... when you're ready to dual a god". After that moment, Afro begins his life long quest of vengence. Voiced by Sam "yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell" Jackson and Ron "Hellboy" Pearlman, not only is the animation stellar but the voice acting is equally supurb. Not to mention the soundtrack with beats by the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan... hot as lava. If you are a fan of samurai action, spraying blood, gritty drama, tight beats and cutting edge animation you need to pick this one up!