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Wolf Children DVD (Hyb)
Edward McIvor - Nov 23 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
You WILL need tissues
This one is kinda of a feels fest but it is so well done from start to finish you feel as if you're growing up with the characters. This film is of miazaki quality. I love how we go through joy and sadness with the story and you can't help but fall in love with the art style. Also for this movie being dubbed......PERFECT. This is going to be one of those classic anime's that stands the test of time for years to come.
This Boy Caught a Merman DVD (Hyb)
Samantha Perdue - Nov 24 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Emotional and artistically creative, a cute short fairytale romance
This animation was a pleasant surprise that reminds me of something you'd see at an art festival. The art style is lovely with color overlay and texture collage, beautifully artistic backgrounds, and the animation is a little minimal but you are watching for the journey of the story with the art.

As far as story goes, it is a small melancholic tale of Shima who suffers from depression and great loneliness and who is on a downward spiral after his beloved grandfather's death. An accident leads to him being rescued by the cheerful merman Shima names Isaki. Isaki wants to help Shima any way he can, and wishes to cure his loneliness and goes to live with him in a kiddie pool in the middle of Shima's living room. Together, the two grow fond of one another and Shima confides in Isaki his feelings and begins to come out of the dark spell he'd fallen under for a long time.

My only disappointment is that...I must say I was expecting more from the 17+ rating and I can only feel this rating was applied for 1 or 2 reasons. One, this is most certainly a (sweet) romance between two men and the track record for non-heteronormative anime seems to mark even the smallest thing as mature. Two, there is a single scene that very vaguely implies possible sexual arousal. For that, I would mark this as PG-13 at MOST. Now there is a very tender moment but I will leave that for you to discover after buying this disc~!

Also, be sure to watch after the credits for an extra scene that will warm your heart <3

The music is soft and simple, reminiscent of Persona 3 and 4 game background tracks. The Japanese dub track is very nice, and I would give the dub an A- as the actors did try and brought some believable gentleness and emotion to their characters, but sometimes spoke very stiffly or what could be awkward to hear in English. The translation could perhaps be the cause of that, but it's Sentai and their dub record is what it is - at least this is a better job in my opinion!
Guy: Double Target DVD (Hyb) Adult
J H - Nov 25 2014
Rating: Pretty good!
The "other" dirty pair
"Guy: Double Target" is a collection of two adult sci-fi OVA episodes made in the mid-1980s, translated by the late AD Vision in the 1990s, and put on DVD by Happy Carrot in 2008. I tried it on a lark and was pleasantly surprised; this thing is pretty darn good!

"Guy" is basically "Dirty Pair" mixed with "Devilman" in pretty much equal parts, with some ultraviolence and just a little (very little) in the way of sex scenes to make it fit genre. It's honestly more of an action/sci-fi/horror show than an adult vid, as the story and the action scenes definitely take center stage. The quality of the visuals were excellent, with creative monsters, vast futuristic environments, explosions aplenty, and clean animation -- 80s-era anime at its best in that regard. The characters are also surprisingly endearing. Guy and Rena have good chemistry but constantly rib each other, and they easily could have carried a full-length series. This also features a decent English dub track, which you don't always get with this kind of thing.

With that said, "Guy: Double Target" does have some shortcomings both as a show and as a product. It's just two 30-minute episodes with separate plots, so the show barely gets momentum going before it's over. (It probably would have been a better idea to make it a single full-length movie with just one plot, but it is what it is.) As a product, the "Double Target" DVD is a pretty no-frills affair. Other than the original 1990s ADV trailer, there are no extras whatsoever. The video quality is also none too great and looks kind of VHS-y; a little remastering would have gone a long way.

All-in-all, "Guy" is a good buy and an anime I can recommend. Just go into it with moderate expectations, and I think you'll have fun with it.
My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering... Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)
Rob Manno - Nov 27 2014
Rating: "Okay."
Another Harem title, but worth the watch
This series starts out pretty silly and generally sets its pace early. Episode 9 & 10 have some... lets say interesting scenes that really stretch it into outright stupidity. However the choices the main character is presented with tend to lighten up the mood. However you never feel bad for him about his "condition" or curse as they call it in this series. Fan service is obviously present in this series.. so if you can't handle that avoid. And as typical with these Harem story lines there really is no resolution or ending.. so your either familiar with the original light novel and how it pans out or your just left wondering.

Reviewing the blu-ray I would say that Sentai FIlmworks needs to step up its game or lower their prices. The packaging is bare minimum at best, no inserts or reverse artwork on the covers. And the extras are very bare bones.. clean opening and ending credits and some trailers. No commentary or any other extras.

I picked it up on sale and I am generally happy with it... I would not have paid the MSRP $60 for it.. not worth it.
Wind Rises, The DVD (Hyb)
BRUCE W. BODDY - Nov 27 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
A Joy To Watch
I just finished up watching The Movie, and there isn’t much I can say about it except for, it was wonderful and just what I thought it would be ..

For his last film Hayao Miyazaki must of wanted to show us something of the dreams and desires of an individual, of that time period and in doing so, shows us ( intentionally or not ) that people in the Per-War Military Industrial Complex were not War Mongers, they had dreams, desires and idea's, and wanted to be the best at what they did. ( and his subject for the Film was a brilliant choice I thought )

I think in his old age Miyazaki must have been doing some reflecting, and wanted to be able to show something good from that time period, and I think he did a great job in doing so .

Miyazaki himself was born less then one Month after Pear Harbor, and I’ve already read & heard stories about his life during Post WWII Japan ….

And now there is this Film that take place in a time that starts years before then runs up to after the start of the War. It is a wonderful piece of Film making that will be enjoyed for countless years to come