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Shriek Show 6-pack DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

Complete your collection with the hottest DVDs from Shriek Show! Get ready to tingle with terror! (Beyond the Darkness, Buio Omega; Central Park Drifter; Creatures From the Abyss; Demonia; Delirium - Photos of Gioia; Killer Barbys)

Beyond the Darkness, Buio Omega
From the famous Euro-Horror director Joe D'Amato comes a cult classic featuring music from fan favorite Italian rock band - Goblin. Starring Cinzia Monreale from Lucio Fulci's horror classic is now available UNCUT!!!

On a luxurious estate in the Italian countryside, Francesco mourns his deceased lover. Soon pain and loss turn to madness and violence, as this troubled young man decides he cannot part with his love just yet. Excavating her corpse, he preserves her body with excruciating attention to detail. That, however, is only the beginning. Soon he is overcome with rage, murdering innocent young women and anyone else who infringes on the privacy of his estate!

Central Park Drifter
Night brings out the hunger in everyone, especially a mysterious New York cab driver. He is a vampire, and working the night shift brings a sultry array of passengers within his grasp. Embracing those ready to die, he controls a vampire underworld.

Then, he unexpectedly discovers erotic human passion, and unleashes a terrifying evil. When a slew of innocents are grotesquely slaughtered, the police are faced with a 350 year old mystery of unseated passion.

Creatures From the Abyss
Five bright young teenagers decide to go for a ride in a small rowboat on the open ocean. Strangely, they come across an abandoned yacht with mysterious biology laboratory! Bob and Julie decide to make love on the boat, but radioactive plankton from the lab infects them. How will they escape when Bob messily devours Julie and monsters begin deeper into the forbidden ruins and further from sanity!

By the famed Italian Director Lucio Fulci who began his career as a screen writer and moved to the directors chair in 1959. His hyper-violent horror films have a huge following in Italy, Europe and the US. Demonia is one of the last and best films he completed before his death in the 1996. Lucio Fulci also directed the hugely popular "Beyond" and "City of the Living Dead."

Delirium - Photos of Gioia
From the famous Euro-Horror director Lamberto Bava comes a great "giallo" to start the Lamberto Bava Collection.

Gioia is a buxom centerfold working for Pussycat magazine. In such a profession, having an admirer or two is expected, but Gioia's admirer is a vicious killer! He murders her fellow magazine models one at a time, using a variety of twisted implements of death. Gioia is the lucky recipient of a collection of photos, each with murdered bodies arranged around posters of her.

Renowned Italian horror star Serena Grandi, known as the Dolly Parton of Italy, leads the cast in this Lamberto Bava classic. Features the famous "bee attack" murder!!

Killer Barbys
The Killer Barbys are a touring rock band with a problem. They're stranded in the middle of nowhere, and they need to find someone willing to put them up for the night. They end up at the mansion of the countess Von Fledermaus, an ancient woman shrouded in evil. She needs the fresh blood of young men to regain her lost youth, and the Killer Barbys are on the menu!

Spoken Languages: English.


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