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Gravitation DVD 2 (Hyb): Stars on the Rise

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Reviews of this title:

Sara Mayo - Jul 6 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Mean people torture me with cliffhanger
Another beautiful block of episodes from a rocking show! I really appreciate the well-done translation on the sub. TokyoPop's version of the manga is at times clumsy and garbled. The anime translation clears up quite a few of the questions the manga oft leaves me with on technical points. And, oh! the music! A large part of this show, besides Eiri and Shiuchi's relationship, is the soul-destroying music. And we haven't even gotten to see Nittle Grasper perform yet!! The quality of the DVD's are lovely, to my eye, and the extras menu is quite nice, but I'd really LOVE a clean Glaring Dream sequence. Super Drive is a fantastic, upbeat opening song, but I adore the ending animation, and Glaring Dream has to be my favorite song of the TV series, even over The Rage Beat. With this volume, content-wise, we have humor that is in no way stupid OR predictable. Shuichi is outlandish, immutable, and adorably determined to keep loving Eiri come Hell or high water. I thoroughly enjoy watching Eiri inexorably cave to gravity's pull little by little. Rising to the occasion when trouble comes knocking - as it so often does - Eiri is truly a force to be reckoned with, and I am avidly anticipating the next volume. More music, more of Shindou Shuichi's special brand of madcap hilarity, more or Shuichi and Eiri's gravitational relationship - I think the only thing I disliked about this volume was the way it left me wanting more!

M E. Hammond - Jul 11 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Getting a bit serious
The first dvd was pretty light hearted & skipped some stuff from the manga (like school & Noriko Ukai as keyboardist in Bad Luck) so I expected this ro remain more on the relationship & the music, but the dvd ends with Shuichi's getting beat up by Aizawa's thugs, suggesting we're going to get some of that dark stuff which will actually be good. I do like that plotline in the manga--that Aizawa is just too dense to pick up when to drop his little game against Bad Luck & Eiri, so I'm interested in seeing how much makes it into the anime. And K had his gun! (didn't see it last dvd that I noticed--or at least we didn't see it in action.) This title isn't for anyone who can't stand stories about guys in love(shonen ai), but if one doesn't mind that, it's a great title & this dvd advances the story nicely. The Japanese cast is excellent and the quality of the dvd is also very good.

shelby coffee - Jul 30 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
better than the manga
When i herd of gravitation, it was not that appealing to me. But i bought the first vol. I just wanted so much more of Yuki. he is so much better than the manga. I love the music, voice actors and just the whole show in general. the only thing i didn't like was the shortage of episodes. if you want people two be happy don't put only three, i just wasnted more and too see what would happen next. this is one of the best series i've watch so tell every one to keep up the good work. Don't forget more episodes!!!!!!!

Kendra J - Dec 26 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Better than the first!!
The first was great but this one was way better. Not only does it have sexy and adorable guys, like the first, but it has drama and more excitement. Though Shuichi and Yuki still have their up and down these episodes have more bonding and kissing between the two. You even get a small glance into the past of Yuki Eiri. If you enjoyed the first, you'll adore the second.

Mark Pellegrino - Jan 5 2005 MarkSouth89
Rating: Wonderful!
i wanted to die when it was over
this anime is the best no other anime is better its a real winner in my book do not waist your time with the other stuff Gravitation is the real real and i heard the next one is 25 minutes long it gets better and better i can go on all day about this show i can not wait to buy the next one am going to order it on line its better that way this site is Number 1# good job ! ^-^