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Japanese in Mangaland Volume 3 (Marc Bernabe)

Japanese in MangaLand 3 picks up where volume 2 left off, with 15 lessons designed to help students consolidate and further expand their Japanese skills at the intermediate level. The book offers an intensive study of grammar and conversation combined with examples from manga that introduce "real life" spoken Japanese - not typical "textbook" language.

The conversational lessons will help students communicate in various everyday situations in Japan, from ordering in a restaurant to speaking the Osaka dialect, from using the honorific language (keigo) to the casual, colloquial, idiomatic and vulgar expressions found in manga.

Japanese in MangaLand 3 covers all the requirements of grammar, vocabulary and kanji of Level 3 (Intermediate) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, as well as offering many exercises, grammar and vocabulary reference appendixes (especially designed for Proficiency Test candidates) and many other features.

An appendix in the back of the book contains answers to and explanations for the exercises in the chapters, furthering self-study.

The Japanese language portions of this book are written in both the English character script romanji and Japanese character scripts kana (hiragana/katakana) and kanji, allowing students to choose their level of language immersion.

Written by Marc Bernabe.


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