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Hayate x Blade Graphic Novel 4

The heated battle between Ayana and Jun comes to a dramatic conclusion as they are drenched in a sudden downpour. Meanwhile, Hayate's match against Yuho ends in an unexpected upset. Crushed and humiliated, Hayate begins training in private, determined to level-up her skills. Hayate's unusual training methods leave a great deal to be desired and she winds up spending a lot of time literally running around in circles...

After a bitter argument, the relationship between Hayate's roommate, Momoka, and Momoka's creepy yet powerful sister-in-arms, Isuzu, is on the rocks. Complicating the situation is the arrival of Kijimiya Otoha, a fellow student with strange powers and a major chip on her shoulder. Otoha intends to make Isuzu her new sister-in-arms - and there's nothing Momoka can do about it!

Story and art by Shizuru Hayashiya.


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