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Full Metal Panic! Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb) Remastered

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Reviews of this title:

John A. Callahan - Oct 23 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
More serious than I expected
I picked up this well-known series at RightStuf's 2010 Xmas sale and finally got to watch it - I'm so glad I did! This first series set oscillates between very funny high school misadventures of the geeky military-otaku/gorgeous teen girl type and very serious missions opposing a heartless villian. The bad guy is thoroughly bad (very hard to kill too!) and makes a compelling character, adding tremendous tension to the confrontations, of which there are several. Kaname Chidori is an outspoken, capable and confident HS girl (no shrinking violet) and, of course, much more than she seems, as are Captain Tessa and Kaname's protector, Sousuke. I found the character development excellent - you really care about this cast. Plotting and pacing are also spot on, as is the prudent use of humor. There is much to like here. I can't wait to see the more light-hearted Fumoffu!