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Simoun DVD 5 (S): Song of Prayer

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Otaku Review - Sep 4 2008
Rating: "Okay."
Above Average Yuri Series
While initially the series presented itself with some great innovative ideas to push it past the ‘just another yuri series’ hump, the staff failed to reach the point where this series could be sold to a general audience. Simoun succeeds in telling a story from start to finish that will give different audience members different things. What they never quite fail to deliver on is a strong story in a believable world. For a yuri series, Simoun is a series that is much better than anyone thought it would be. For a drama, romance or sci-fi series however, Simoun never found a way to tap into its inner potential. While I’m not sad to see the series end, I don’t regret watching it.

While the payoff is greatly disproportionate to what amount of time it took to get there, the series could be worth a single run through for those who are looking for an above average yuri series. But the odds of it getting a replay or making it into my personal collection are slim.