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Maria Watches Over Us Season 2: Printemps DVD Collection (S)

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Lunay C. A - Jan 13 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Printemps - Second Season
The Lilian girls are back for a second season in MariMite ~Haru~. (Haru is Spring in Japanese. Printemps is French).

As said in the Rightstuf synopsis, the second term is bittersweet. The first three Roses are graduating and the Yamayuri Council will never be the same without them. But not to worry! The second season introduces new characters - potential petite soeurs! With them into the Yamayuri mix, MariMite ~Haru~ feels fresh, yet, still manage to retain the same charm from the first season.

The opening is "Pastel Pure" but this time with lyrics. And let me tell you, the lyrics make it even more beautiful and elegant. The ending is still the same familiar "Sonata Blue".

The physical content is basically the same as the first: helpful liner notes; Maria-sama ni wa Naisho (Don't Tell Maria); thirteen episodes on four DVDs; two subtitle tracks: regular and honorifics; etc.

If you are a fan of MariMite, you probably own the second season already. But for others who are still unsure, I can say with confidence that if you loved the first season, you will fall in love with the second.