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Ichi the Killer Blood Pack DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

Welcome to a world where violence is a virtue and depravity is a way of life. This is the underside of Shinjuku, and the Home of Kakihara, a sadistic Yakuza killer. He relentlessly tears apart the underworld searching for the man who killed his boss.

The mastermind behind the plot is Jijii, an ex-cop bent on turning the gangsters of Japan against one another. His trump card is a physically powerful lunatic who is constantly on the verge of snapping. This madman is Ichi the killer, and between him and Kakihara, the streets will run red with blood.

This two-disc edition comes with a collectors' blood bag.

DVD Features: Photo Gallery, Commentary with Director Takashi Miike and Mangaka Hideo Yamamoto, Original Trailer, Featurette with Eli Roth, Making Of.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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