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Japanese in Mangaland Volume 2 (Marc Bernabe)

In Japanese in MangaLand: Basic to Intermediate Level, the second installment in the series, the student of Japanese will continue his or her dive into the process of mastering Japanese. The methods in this book take students from the elementary to the intermediate level of the Japanese language, and leave romaji behind in favor of further immersion.

The 15 lessons included here continue exactly from where the first book left off, chronologically following its numeration and gradually introducing more complex structures of the Japanese language. A new feature in this book is a set of "conversation lessons" with tons of vocabulary and useful phrases, which will be of great use when traveling in Japan. Another new feature is the "culture notes," which give valuable insight into the way things work in the Land of the Rising Sun, since language is not only about words.

An appendix in the back of the book contains answers to and explanations for the exercises in the chapters, furthering self-study.

The Japanese language portions of this book are written primarily in the Japanese scripts of kana (hiragana/katakana) and kanji with furigana (hiragana in small print above the kanji character as a pronunciation guide) to further language immersion.

Written by Marc Bernabe.


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