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Inukami Graphic Novel 2

There was a time when Kawahira Keita thought he would never be able to shake his "black sheep" status and take his rightful place as the newest Inukami trainer in a long line of trainers. But things started to look up when he formed a contract with a gorgeous Inukami named Yoko... until Keita realized she was way too feisty and extremely unpredictable! Now their roles have been reversed, as Keita spends his days being bossed around by Yoko and the tamer has become the tamed.

The Kawahira Clan decides they must intervene, and they send the pretty and demure Inukami Nadeshiko to teach Yoko the basics of proper Inukami behavior. But when Keita falls head over heels for the new dog-girl of his dreams, it's jealousy that rears its ugly head!

Story by Mamizu Arisawa and Art by Mari Matsuzawa.


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