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Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 Season 1 DVD 1 (D)

An elite team of teen drivers and their ultra-fast vehicles are out to save the planet! As they race through interdimensional Battle Zones at hyperfast speeds, their cars transform into high-tech armored battle machines, decked out and ready for combat. Once in the Battle Zones, they must work together to defeat their enemies and capture the powerful BattleKeys to save the Earth from destruction.

It all begins when Vert Wheeler and his car are pulled into a Stormshock - a portal to another world. Along with Sage, the mysterious Blue Sentient, Vert Wheeler must battle the barbaric predator race, The Vandals, and the sinister robotic armies of The Sark to save the planet from ruin. Later, he meets his new team and together, they race into battle, defeating their enemies and facing new challenges with each episode. Can Battle Force 5 and their awesome vehicles defeat The Vandals and The Sark capture all the BattleKeys and save the world from evil?

Contains episodes 1-6:
Starting Line
Gearing Up
Common Cold War
Basic Training
Missing In Action
Junkyard Dogged

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese , English subtitles, Spanish subtitles, Portuguese subtitles, Indonesian subtitles.


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