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KimiKiss: Pure Rouge DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Steins;Gate DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb) - Anime Classics
Michael Jones - Apr 22 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
Time travel, enough said
Steins Gate is a thought provoking anime about the power and consequences of time travel. I started this show with the notion it would be like every other time travel show, boy was I surprised. The way time exists and is traversed is incredibly smart and refreshing. If you enjoy great character development and intense story give this show a chance. The only issue is that there aren't more episodes. 10/10
Gingitsune Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)
Patrick Garvey - Apr 26 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
Great series, needs more extras.
No need to go into specifics of the story. This has to be the best kemono genre based animes to come out in a loooooooong time. While it is understood to be a fantasy vehicle it is actually centered around "slice of life" story lines. Great for those who love relationship based animes rather than action based ones. Beautiful backrounds, great character design (way better than the rough designs in the manga) and excellent voice acting that is perfectly directed make this a superlative series. Truly disappointed that this was slated as a single season anime, considering there is tons more storyline to cover. I bought the Blu-Ray version and you pick up quite a bit of visual detail versus what you may have seen when this aired on CrunchyRoll. Also a bit of a let down was a lack of any extras on the DVD or the BluRay disc. Only extras are clean closing and opening. But this is rather endemic of American released animes in general especially of the last 5-10 years. Would love to see one packed with voice actor and director interviews or a sound track or art galleries. I still highly recommend this anime series in BluRay or DVD. You won't be disappointed especially if you are fan of kemono characters.