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Jail Breakers DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

For the past six years, Mu-suk has been trying to dig his way out of prison. The good news is he's almost finished digging. The bad news is he's about to be given amnesty and set free - only no one has mentioned this to him! Meanwhile, Jae-pil, a fellow inmate, learns that his girlfriend is about to marry another man and has convinced Mu-suk to take him with him on the escape.

Retail Price: $19.98
Your Price: $3.00
Jail Breakers/Jungle Juice DVD Double-Pack (Hyb) LiveAction

Contains both Jail Breakers and Jungle Juice! For the past six years, Mu-suk has been trying to dig his way out of prison. The good news is he's almost finished digging. The bad news is he's about to be given amnesty and set free - only no one has mentioned this to him!

Retail Price: $14.98
Your Price: $11.24
Japan's Longest Day DVD (S) LiveAction

On August 15th, 1945, the Japanese people faced utter destruction. Millions of soldiers and civilians were dead, the rest were starving, and their cities had been reduced to piles or rubble - two of them vaporized by atomic bombs. The government was deadlocked; some ministers called for surrender, and other argued that honor demanded a final battle on home soil. To break the impasse, the cabinet took the unprecedented step of asking the Emperor to decide the fate of the nation.

Retail Price: $29.98
Your Price: $12.99
Jay & Silent Bob Do Degrassi: The Next Generation DVD (D) (Unrated)

Snoogans! What are Jay and Silent Bob doing in Canada? Rewind... What are they doing at Degrassi?! One major perk to being a diretor is that you can live out your fantasies. Kevin Smith's fantasy? To be featured in a three-episode arc of Degrassi: The Next Generation!

Retail Price: $24.98
Your Price: $8.99
Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors DVD Collection 1 (D)

Ring of Light, Magic Might! When a solar flare wreaks havoc on his botanical experiments, Jayce's father is forced to flee from his accidental creations: Saw Boss and his band of ruthless mutated plant life called the Monster Minds. Now it's up to Jayce, joined by the valiant Lightning League, to reunite with his father and combine the two halves of the magic Root amulet, the only object capable of purging the universe of Saw Boss and his army forever.

Retail Price: $34.99
Your Price: $31.49
Jem and the Holograms DVD Truly Outrageous Complete Series (D)

JEM And The Holograms focuses on the dual life of beautiful Jerrica Benton, co-owner of Starlight Music, and her pop star alter-ego, Jem, lead singer for the all-girl band JEM And The Holograms. Now you can relive the adventures of JEM And The Holograms and their archrivals, The Misfits and The Stingers, in this first-ever complete collector's edition 11-DVD box set.

Retail Price: $89.99
Your Price: $80.99
Jem and the Holograms Season 1 DVD Set (D)

Upon the death of her father, Jerrica Benton inherits Starlight Music and finds herself the new co-owner executive alongside the greedy, power-hungry Eric Raymond. Eric is on a mission to seize complete control of Starlight Music as well as use it to launch to stardom his latest discovery: rockin' rebel girl band The Misfits.

Retail Price: $29.93
Your Price: $26.94
Jem and the Holograms Season 2 DVD Set (D)

Jem and The Holograms are producing hit after hit on the music charts, but keeping Jem's true identity a secret has been far tougher. Kimber, Aja, Shana and newcomer Raya are Jem/Jerrica's best friends as well as the musical force behind Jem - and the only people who know her true identity. Together the girls provide cool cover-ups for Jem/Jerrica while navigating some pretty sticky situations and battling their troublesome rival rock band, The Misfits!

Retail Price: $29.93
Your Price: $26.94
Jem and the Holograms Season 3 DVD Set (D)

With Jem and The Holograms at the height of their success, there's a new band in town - The Stingers! - and they're not about to let Jem and her music group take all the limelight. The group's leader, Riot, is charmed by Jem and vows to make her his. Jem finds herself conflicted with feelings for Riot AND for her longtime beau, Rio.

Retail Price: $19.99
Your Price: $17.99
Jetsons, The Season 1 DVD Set (D)

"Meet George Jetson... Jane, his wife... Daughter Judy... His boy Elroy..." The catchy tune of The Jetsons encapsulates the lighthearted essence of the show, a futuristic counterpoint to The Flintstones that reflected the space-age optimism of the times. The Jetsons were the very first family, animated or not, to have a big-screen home entertainment system decades before it became a reality. They also had flying cars, floating cities and androids.

Retail Price: $39.98
Your Price: $35.98
Jetsons, The Season 2 DVD 1 (D)

Meet George Jetson and his quirky family: wife Jane, son Elroy and daughter Judy. Living in the automated, push-button world of the future hasn't made life any easier for the harried husband and father, who gets into one comical misadventure after another!

Retail Price: $34.98
Your Price: $31.48
Jigoku DVD (S) LiveAction

After a young theology student flees a hit-and-run accident, he is plagued by both his own guilt-ridden conscience and a mysterious, diabolical doppelganger. But all possible escape routes lead to Hell - literally.

Retail Price: $29.95
Your Price: $26.96

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