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Tokyo - Last Megalopolis DVD (S) LiveAction

By fire, flood and earthquake the old world shall be destroyed and a city will be built on the bones of the dead! In the depths of the Earth, ancient evil stirs and a madman prepares to feed it a city!

The total devastation of Tokyo and creature designs by H.R.Giger (ALIEN, SPECIES) highlight a grim tale of ambition, supernatural horror and undying evil that surpasses the boundaries of physical existence.

A thousand years ago, Masakado was executed for crimes against humanity, but his malevolent spirit refuses to die. It is the attraction of this dark soul that makes Tokyo the most haunted city in the world.

Through Yukari, a young female medium, rogue psychic Kato intends to revive Masakado and use his evil energy as a weapon to destroy the city. Disaster follows disaster as, one by one, Kato gathers the strands of fate that will cause the ultimate destruction of TOKYO - THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS!

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English Subtitles.

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