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Berserk DVD 6 (Hyb): God's Hand (eps 22-25)

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Reviews of this title:

ssfun boy - Mar 11 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
ha ha ha s-s-suckers
Berserk 7 start in the present, Gatz as already made modification to his body. Also Gatz has killed some of Griffith’s servants too-you know the bad ass masters that wear behellit around their necks. Food for thought, in eps 24-25 as the hawks were being sacrificed, their souls’ passes through Griffith body right, the dead hawks are the lower kind of behellit. Ok in Berserk 7-26eps Gatz black out and when he awakes, Griffith has made all of his dreams come true. Griffith is king of the world and the only one standing in his way is Gatz. Gatz fights hell spawn and destroys them and their behellit. He piles up bodies of hell spawns and the four dark angles are having the time of their life or Gatz life. Mean while, Gatz gets closer to the final battle and the truth on the day of the eclipse start to come in play. What is not clear to Gatz is how come he is the only hawk that survived.

William B. - May 17 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
Hope there's more to come...
Berserk has been one of the older but much better animes i've seen. No computer animation of anykind here but damn its still good! The best part about it is the engrossing storyline, and while the 6th volume clears up a lot of stuff its kind of annoying as leaves you were the first episode started but now you know whats happening. Lets just hope they have another season and finish up what they started!

dark horse - May 20 2003
Rating: "Okay."
They even change the sub title
I don't know about most people, but sub title should be pure. The animation, well any thing that the manufacture can do to better it, great. I hope that the next DVD of Berserk, stays pure. If Madia Blasters read this, please don’t substitute your own words for the sub title. Thanks

PS even Dragon Ball sub title stays pure.

Nicholas P. Smith - May 25 2003
Rating: This sucked!
Wonderful series ruined by a terrible ending
Since disk one I have waited disk by disk, each DVD wetting my appetite, each character growing into a friend, each situation building to a creshendo, and then the sixth disk came. I waited eagrly to watch the final episodes of Guts and co. Last night a friend and I finally popped it in. The imagry was very much more odd and mystical than previous episodes that focus mainly on realistic medieval warfare, but I felt it added a very interesting dynamic that worked well. Then the unforgivable occured. I knew coming into this series that it was based on Manga that hasn't even been finished yet and that the anime version wasn't even half of the story. I accepted this and so expected the series not to be completely wrapped up nicely. No only does the final episode not wrap anything up, it leaves Guts at the climax and offers no resolution! It just leaves him there in his greatest peril and pain! We know from episode one that he escapes this danger, but it offers no how or why. Maybe I just need to rewatch some episodes and find the answer within the body of the stroy, but I must say that this is the most disappointing and unsatisfying ending I have ever witnessed! The final episode to me spoils the Berserk experience. It had the potential to be one of the finest put together animes that I have seen yet. Excellent character development, interesting story, and human interest. Now after seeing the final episode, the entire experience is lukewarm at best. The first 24 episodes are great. 25 ruined it all.

Robert B. Krause - May 28 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast
And so ends the first story arc of Berserk and it goes out like it came in, with blood and guts aplenty. To those who complain that the ending was terrible or what not you seem to not understand that only the first story arc of the manga was ever animated, the actual story continues on to this very day as the series has not been concluded. The ending actually comes full circle bringing us back to episode 1 which takes place after episode 25. I sincerly hope that more of the manga will be animated but even if it isn't the actual manga is going to be released in the United States starting this fall so don't lose hope.

*Major Spoilers ahead*

Just in case you were curious Casca and Rickertt(the little boy) are not dead. It is not shown in the animated series but they were saved by a character known as the Skull Knight(who was not introduced in the anime) he also rescued Gutts from the feast of the eclipse, in case you were wondering how exactly he escaped.

travis rainwater - May 29 2003
Rating: Pretty good!
guttz, and blood
well, if you have seen any of the other dvd's in the series (which i recomend you do), you are no doubt aware these anime have a ton of blood.however, this one seemed the bloodiest of the previous 5 discs. i was so excited to see this due to it is the last in the series, but once it was over i felt bummed out. it didnt have a happy ending (which if youve seen the first episode, you kkinda know it dosnt. all in all i thought it was a good finish.....i just wish some of the band of the hawk had survived. be prepared for some nightmarish scenes and visuals for this one,and please rent or buy the rest of the series before you see this one