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Beck Graphic Novel 10

Missing several other members of his band, Koyuki makes the decision to head up on stage at Greatful Sound by himself. One way or another, someone's going to have to play some music!

Beck Graphic Novel 2

After seeing Izumi fawn over Ryusuke's extended blues session, Koyuki is determined to practice like a madman on the dusty old acoustic guitar Ryusuke gives him. Later at a bar, Ryusuke suggests a tryout for a position in his new band between Koyuki and potential singer Chiba. Koyuki winds up joining a Beatles cover band that is partaking in a Battle of the Bands festival. The loser will be forced to strip naked!

Beck Graphic Novel 3

As Koyuki's fondness of Maho grows, so does the tension between him and Hyodo, the class bully. When the two scuffle, Koyuki doesn't seem to stand a chance in the ensuing melee. As Beck's gig approaches, Ryusuke unveils his latest six-string: Lucille, a bullet-holed guitar. Before showtime, Ryusuke tries to apologize to Koyuki for being dishonest. Meanwhile, two Beck fans visit New York and encounter a dog that looks like Ryusuke's dog.

Beck Graphic Novel 4

Koyuki is left alone after Izumi graduates, but losing Izumi is the least of his problems because he still faces Hyodo's bullying. In spite of everyone's doubts, Koyuki's guitar playing skills are quickly getting better. Koyuki continues to remain victorious in the eyes of the naysayers. Hyodo plots to humiliate Koyuki at school one more time. Will Koyuki ever be good enough to make the band?

Beck Graphic Novel 5

Beck plays its first gig as a five-piece - Koyuki, Ryusuke, Chiba, Taira, Saku. Will Beck ever be good enough to make the Dying Breed Tour in Japan? To add fuel to the fire, Eiji resurfaces with his new high-powered band, Belle Ame, rivaling Beck for rock supremacy. Koyuki shows his true talent with a new song about someone special. Is Beck ready for the big time?!

Beck Graphic Novel 7

Beck is snowballing into the next rock sensation. CD sales are up and concerts are flowing in, but all is not what it seems to be. Eddie has a message for Koyuki which doesn't sound like fan mail. Koyuki's bullet-ridden guitar and secret weapon, Lucille, has an admirer that will stop at nothing to get her. And meanwhile, Maho has a new suitor! Saku and Koyuki are chasing the same girl. What else can happen to Beck? Maybe a U.S. tour...?

Beck Graphic Novel 8

The Greatful Sound concert is slowly creeping up. Ryusuke and Lucille have caught the attention of the music loving public, but they have also caught the eye of hip-hop mogul Leon Sykes. It seems Leon is after Lucille and will do anything, including murder, to get her back. Ryusuke must turn up his charm to avoid a collision with death. Meanwhile, Koyuki has had a sudden spark of inspiration. Could this be the song to send them over the top?

Beck Graphic Novel 9

Time is running out for Beck. With the weight of the world on their shoulders, they must perform better than any other band in the Greatful Sound performance. Ryusuke's low-down and dirty deal with Leon Sykes could potentially destroy the group before fame has its chance to do it! Koyuki makes a potentially dangerous deal with none other than Yoshito from Belle Ame. Will Beck be able to live up to the hype or blame it on the rain?

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