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Tea Society of a Witch Interactive DVD (S) + Artbook

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Reviews of this title:

Kimberly McLaughlin - Dec 4 2008
Rating: This sucked!
It's time that I can't get back.
This game just horrible! I got it a few days ago and was really excited about playing it and with the first five minutes of the game I had wished I never bought it. The characters are oddly shaped and the scene changes can take forever. I would not recommend this interactive dvd to anyone it's really not worth the money!

Rachel Her - Feb 6 2013
Rating: Not all that good.
I regret buying it...
Same situation as the other guy, really. I bought it, was excited to play it, and was sorely disappointed in the first few seconds. The characters weren't that great, and it played out like what you'd normally expect of an ecchi harem anime. Basically, it's a boy meets girl and accidentally gropes her in the process which incurs her hate for him but she later looks at him in a different light and she's probably a long lost forgotten childhood friend/sweetheart. Characters weren't great. Main boy is supposedly responsible since he wakes up his childhood friend everyday and lives alone while his parents are overseas, childhood friend is normal "my pace" person who is like a sister and apparently is pretty accurate at fortune telling, guy friend is normal rich and cocky boy, girl 1 is a failure witch who lacks in a lot of areas but is supposedly lovable anyhow, girl 2 is your run of the mill rich snobby lady who is apparently of high stature, girl 3 is your normal shy glasses and braids girl. You can already tell how bad it is right? Th only character I did like was Ponica, but that's mainly because of my infatuation with kuudere and loli characters. I was quite disappointed to not see her as one of the girls I could choose from. About the text and voices themselves, the voices were ok. Music was aberage too. The text was unbearably slow so I had to have the DVD on constant fast forward but somehow the DVD couldn't handle it and got glitchy at parts, like it wouldn't move on to the next scene of it would freeze and I'd have to start over.

All in all, don't buy it.