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Dragon Ball Z Figurine Capsule Set (7 figures): Series 3

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Reviews of this title:

corey m. michaels - Aug 20 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
if you woundering about the size of these figure i can say they are about 1-2 inches tall the detail on these figure is really good for the size be advised that some when you get them it is a box in the box is seven plastic dragonball spheres that incase the figure you will have to put the figures together but it easy some of the figure come in gold / bronze collor which looks amazing but one things i have to say is that you do get all eight figures well atleast i did the figure of goku dead with a halo and wings is a build a figure essential not only that but i also got 2 extra pieces to build a dragon with but the figue with goku as a angel is cool but hard to stand does not come with a stand so you may or may not get him if you buy this since the trunks androids and cell saga was my favorite saga i oped to buy this for the price and amazing detail worht the buy and they are amazing