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Doki Doki School Hours

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Doki Doki School Hours CD Soundtrack

Doki Doki School Hours DVD 1 (Hyb): 1st Hour

Mika Suzuki wants to be the best teacher in the world, but standing at under five feet tall with a baby face and a tendency to cry, her students just can't take her seriously. She may be an adult, but she seems more like a little kid! With a class is full of "energetic" kids - from the jock to the narcissist to the resident otaku - can Mika control the chaos in her classroom?

Doki Doki School Hours DVD 2 (Hyb): 2nd Hour

Fall arrives, but pint-sized Ms. Mika and her students can't seem to get the lazy days of summer out of their systems. But soon the class turns their attention to casting the play for the cultural festival. When Christmas finally arrives there are so many parties and gift exchanges that Ms. Mika is filled to the brim with excitement.

Doki Doki School Hours DVD 4 (Hyb): 4th Hour

Summer vacation is for relaxing fun in the sun, right? Wrong! An American exchange student arrives and he's just as obsessed with anime and manga as Watabe. Of course the otaku hit it off and before they know it they're transported to an alternate manga world.

Doki Doki School Hours DVD 5 (Hyb): 5th Hour

How could this be happening?! A dreadful monster attacks innocent people and Iincho struggles to save them and uncover the monster's identity. Mika-Sensei awakens to a parallel reality where her students are in a fierce war plaguing Earth. After that, the students worry when an offer for an arranged married is extended to Mika-Sensei. If she accepts the offer, will they lose their beloved pint-sized teacher?

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