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Dazzle Graphic Novel 1

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Reviews of this title:

Jenny Pham - Nov 23 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
i love this manga, its funny and refreshing

S. M - Jan 31 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Fantastically original play on the assumed-typical storyline
My all-time favorite manga - even at the risk of jinxing Endou-sama's future creative works, I have to opine that this is the manga-ka's masterpiece. The first volume - as with most series - is a little shaky (most people criticize the opening chapter for it's blunt method of kick-starting the series), but if you like the first volume, you'll love the second, you'll be hooked by volume 3, and by volume 4 you'll be rereading them all until you can get the next. The humor - even when paying tribute to other works - is very original and keeps the edgy, violent, or sometimes downright depressing scenarios from dragging down the whole mood of the story. As is to be expected, the art is slightly awkward to begin with, but as the story progresses, the characters take on much better form along with their personalities. I have to say my favorite aspects of the story are how easy it is to become attached to the characters, and how the relationships (99% platonic, amazingly for a manga) between them seem genuine. I'd recommend this to anyone who's looking for an involving, well-balanced manga.